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One in all for Make Up for Ever

Make Up for Ever is a brand that has been around, I guess, since ages! But the brand is esspenseeeeev!! The first time I bought a concealer and a corrector – I was charged around 300 AED and I have avoided the brand like crazy since then, while secretly lusting after their products – especially face products.

They recently launched the new range of face powders (Blushes, Bronzers, Highlighters) that you can put into custom single, dual or three pan palettes to customize as per your mood. But I am glad I didn’t buy them as soon as they launched, because they have bought out the mother of face palettes!

The Lustrous Blush Palette contains 12 full sizes of these (4 each of Blushes, Bronzers, Highlighters) in one palette at a fraction of the cost were you to buy them individually! The set-up of the palette is that you have 4 trio’s to combine and mix and match. I ordered mine from through

The packaging looks beautiful, is cumbersome. The lid is not latched to the base but is like a tin that completely lifts up. And it takes some effort to remove it. Inside the pans are covered by a thick plastic sheet and are contained in a foamy base. The foam is loose and frankly looks weird in there. But I guess it is for de-potting them and till then saving them from cracking on impact.

The colours inside are beautiful. The powders are soft, creamy and very pigmented as would be expected of MUFE. There are shimmery and matte finishes for highlights, while the blushes’ and bronzers’  have a healthy sheen to them without the particles. I have been enjoying them with Zoeva Sheer Cheek and Wayne Goss brushes. The are subtle but can be built without becoming a chalky mess. They don’t accentuate pores as well.

Value wise this is brilliant! And I admire MUFE for this – their LE products are consistent with the regular line. I had once heard an interview of their founder where she described how MUFE was made with Make Up Artists in mind and they continually improve their products for MUA’s.

If you want to try this, I would recommend to buy it. However, I can see this as being made for MUA’s rather than the average user. Unless you depot it into a Z Palette or continuously change the pans in a trio palette, it’s not going to work. But if you have never tried these powders, and do really want to have a variety – this palette is amazing.


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