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Hask – The Charcoal Hair Mask

I made the title rhyme – this is such a major indicator of my intelligence. Anyway, I have found a new mask for my withering hair . I have been staying in Dubai for the past few weekends, and as enjoyable as it is, my hair suffers there. I think it is the water.

I found this little gem to trial in Carrefour the other day and it was priced at 10 bucks so I thought why not. Truthfully, it was the charcoal that sold me on it plus I saw a video of Tati-glamlifeguru on Youtube where she was praising the brand, so I picked one up to try. They do have many options for different hair needs.

The mask is creamy and not as black as I imagined. It’s sort of a greyish colour with charcoal bits speckled here and there. Does smell amazing – like a hair spa. One sachet was enough for use on my shoulder length hair twice.

The directions say to use on clean and wet hair for 10 minutes. Well, I used it for an hour on my dry hair and oily scalp and gave it a good massage to boot. I put my hair in a ponytail and went about my walk, cleaning the apartment and making breakfast. I washed my hair with Johnsons baby shampoo and luke warm water followed by a final rinse of cold water.

I like this mask. This is different from the other masks that I have tried in that it did not weigh my hair down or make my oily scalp more oily and congested leading to pimples. My scalp felt cool and clean and the oil was controlled for three days. My hair on the other hand is perpetually dry- but this mask did not make it frizzy. It did feel a bit dry but I used a bit of Moroccan Oil and it was fine. Smoother than before!! I would attribute that partly to using a soap free baby shampoo which is gentle and mild. But even then, it was a good couple of days for my hair.

I am willing to try the other masks from this range now as well as their other products just to see how well they perform!


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