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Tarte’s Sexy Lip Lingerie Kit

I mean you have to see how much I love my lips that I am willing to invest in a Lingerie for lips collection by Tarte. Really, that was the plan! Because how can you resist when there are 5 full size lip lingerie sticks for the price of nearly 2?!!! Steal it ladies, grab it because it’s an amazing deal.

Firstly, love the design motifs on the package. It’s beautiful and reminds me of Morocco. God knows why, but it does!! The colours they chose for the kit are also beautiful and don’t just consist of reds and berry’s and reds. You know my issue with ONLY red lipsticks and variants for holidays; not everyone wants that!

Feast your eyes! I know I was, to be honest. My husband just doesn’t get the love I have for lipsticks. Anyway, outer packaging aside, each colour has a different motif cap which is again, gorgeous. I am trying to figure out how to retain them after these are over. The colours from left to right are Enticing, Delight, Enchanting, Lacy, and Desire. This sounds like it’s straight from a Mills and Boons romance.

Coming to the product – it is all in the same. These are creamy lipsticks with a balmy texture in a stick form- sort of like Revlon Matte Balms. They are also slightly minty and cooling and the way they hide texture and lines on the lips is amazing. They are also roll-up tubes so no sharpening – which is the one thing I do not like about the Nars Lip Pencils – messy and wasteful!

Swatches are in the bottom to top order – don’t ask me why I did that! Probably to piss myself off.

The colours are amazing and go on smooth without any catch. Lovely and plush feeling on the lips, these do not accentuate any lines that your lips may have, or for that matter dry patches. Desire does tend to stain the lips a bit. Lasting power is also good.

If you want neutral flattering colours but not in a liquid lipstick, try these and give your lips a break for winter. I know I am going to.

Highly recommend this set. It’s the only one from Tarte this Holiday 2017 that had me swooning.


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