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Elec-terrif-ic Obsessions!

The past year was the year of glitter and colour. And one of the palettes that caught my eye towards the end of the year was Huda’s Obsessions palette in Electric. Sounded like the discontinued Urban Decay Electric Palette- but much smaller! Bought it on Cult Beauty with free shipping for much cheaper than Sephora UAE- so yey!!

I like the packaging but it is sort-of a throwback to Electric by Urban Decay. It’s however, much smaller, and with a mirror inside and therefore, space efficient. Another thing about the packaging of these mini palettes – each palette cover shows all the shades inside, but only the glitter ones are reflective in light. Try it- it’s fun!

The inside is gorgeous. The palette may be small, but it is colourful and with most colours that were popular last year- its pretty much a hit. There are 3 shimmers and 6 mattes. The pans are supposed to be identical in side to Huda’s bigger palettes in terms of the product you get.

The swatches are very good at first glance. These are single swipe swatches too. Its a bit powdery but blends quite well. No skipping and no muddying up. Shows well on bare skin but with a primer under, would pop even more.

The pink and red are the brightest but leave a stain on the eyelid so please be careful. I like the teal and the other colours make for beautiful avant-garde looks or even as pops of colour on a neutral makeup.

This is not a one-and-done palette for me but serves more of an accent palette role. I did think that the price is a bit up in terms of what you get size wise for here in the UAE. I definitely need to play more with this but from what I have used so far- this is one of the better colour palettes out there as a replacement for the now discontinued Electric palette.

Would recommend it if you want a pop of colour option, want a travel palette or are trying out the colour shadows for the first time.


2 thoughts on “Elec-terrif-ic Obsessions!”

    1. I so agree with that. But I do like this for portability and the fact that if its a beginner/one time a month user/ i am new to colour person on a budget and you get some colours. That being said.. theres better in the drugstore for sure.

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