Eyeshadow, Palette, Primer

Eyeshadows – Customised by Buxom!

When I generally hear about Buxom it is mostly people drooling over their lip glosses- which are great; but not to someone who doesn’t use plumping lipglosses- like me! So this not so interesting brand has become interesting to me because they launched their eyeshadows last year. I ordered them from Cult beauty where they finally became available.

I basically had to order 6 shadows and a palette (sold separately). I chose mainly jewel tones because I wanted a colourful palette. The pans are not magnetised but sort of clip onto the insert of the palette which then slides in. It is a bit cumbersome.

The palette case is sturdy and comes with a mirror and brush- which I found scratchy and hence, discarded. Overall, this is how the palette looks.

In terms of eyeshadows- which should be my main focus anyway!- the colours are beautiful when you look at them. Moreover, they are supposedly primer infused so are claimed to be vibrant and long lasting on eyelids. They swatch well too.

In terms of on the eyes, they were average. I have used all of them except 24K Stilettos. I would put a matte colour in the crease and pat these on with my finger for a one eyeshadow look. I have tried them with and without a primer too.

Without and with a primer- they are vibrant and true to colour when you first apply them. I prefer packing them on with my finger is better than with a brush. I have not used them wet.

I have oily eyelids but these creased on me within a matter of 4 hours both with and without a primer. There was, without a primer, major fading away and there was also glitter falling over my cheeks especially with Mink Magnet. With a primer, it at least looked decent at the end of my work day, and the glitter was limited- but still there.

These are something I would have to learn to use I guess or pass on. I don’t usually have this issue with eyeshadows I use. Lila palette, ABH subculture, KVD and UD shadows don’t do this to me.

Maybe I will have to try them with UD De-Slick sprayed on the brush / finger- which lessens their appeal for me. Might be better for someone with less oily eyelids.

I am still wondering if there is a specific way lto use them because all Youtubers are mad about these eyeshadows


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