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Indie Lee Rosehip Cleanser

I got this little sample (which lasted about 4 uses) from Cult Beauty with my last order. I am kind of paranoid about face cleansing because my skin is weird with certain products and ingredients. So,when I hear about natural face washes I really want to give them a go as they usually suit me more.

The bottle is much fancier, trust me. It looks like a beautiful pinkish reddish gel. Anyway, long story short – the tint is very slight. There is a very slight scent but that is very very mild and nothing over the top.

It suds but doesn’t overdo it. Removed my eyeliner, mascara and eyeshadow easily in one wash. I was wearing primer and a bit of blush and it took that off as well. Common sense dictates- it can be used as a second step in a double cleanse if wearing heavy makeup – not as a solo step for sure. Also, didn’t make my skin react in any way.

But it is not for the dry skinned people out there. I am mega oily on and around my nose and oily elsewhere on my face this made my face feel tight after a wash. That is not what I expected because even for my skin, a tightness means dehydration and that results in more oil. I diligently followed up with my Clinique moisturiser immediately.

It’s an alright cleanser. For the price, I would recommend Bioderma cleansers – they are the bomb and you get more for the price.


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