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Lush Dark Angels..

… is quite devilish per se.

I used to love Lush as a brand. Their bar shampoos were my jam; Roots and Fresh Masks are still my favourites if you ask- but their ingredients sort of put me off. So I got two masks from Lush recently to try and rekindle the love.

The Dark Angels was recommended to me for my oily skin. Apparently it has Rhassoul mud and charcoal which is good for oil control as well as oils to balance so it does not dry skin out.

You do get a decent amount and it has an expiry of I think 3 months which should be enough. I was also told to use it no more than thrice a week.

It is black and resembles a crumbly putty. The way you use it, as per the lady who sold it, is to wet the face and rub a nickel sized amount on, massage and then rinse off. Sounded great to me as it does have some exfoliation to itself.

Here’s the problem- I hate it.

It’s not the amount of product you get- which is great, or the colour/scent/application method/ texture- they are fine as well. The scent is mild but there. The application turns the putty mask into a paste and the texture scrubs as you massage your skin. It is fine but I would recommend using little pressure and being gentle if you have very sensitive skin. I abhor the washing it off part.

It leaves a yucky black layer on my skin. And no water either hot or cold or luke warm removes it. If it falls on my sink- viola- same. Then I have to struggle with my skin and my sink. Get it?

I mean, to be honest I should have realized it is stupid to put charcoal with oil because it will stick and water makes it an emulsion which will need to be wiped off but do they tell you that?? No!! It is so horrifying to see. The first time it happened I thought I had bruised.

The only way I can get this to work is to take a bit of face-wash and rub that on my skin prepping it for the mask. I take a bit of the mask, wet it in my hands and rub it into a paste before going to town on my face. I never go near my eyes. Massaging it gently I rinse it off and it is clean. Any other way has been a disaster.

I would not bother with this. Get the other masks from Lush – the Fresh ones if you really want to see a difference.


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