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The Loose Translucent Powder – Nars

Setting my face is important to me. Like really important. If I don’t, well, it’s oily and not pretty.

But my under eyes are dry and my skin has been dehydrated in the dry weather recently. So have had a bit of a change over from the La Prairie Cellular powder. Still love that, but I felt like a change was due.

This Nars powder claimed to be light, brightening and all the while control a tad bit of shine. And I know a couple dry skin folks who like this, so thought yeah, let me give it a try.

You get 10 grams of product. It looks white but is really translucent. I don’t like the package much. Yes, the tub is fine. It has a sifter that can’t be closed like the La Prairie. So I have only moved the plastic cover half way and even then it is a mess sometimes.

The powder itself is finely milled. For some reason when I rub it in-between my fingers, it reminds me of Talcum powder. Well, talc is an ingredient but it feels not as smooth. But it is extremely finely milled. I haven’t seen any sparkle on my face, but there is a bit of it in the powder. There is no scent as well.

I have been liking this on my face. It does not lighten my foundation but sets it very nicely before I go in with blush, etc. Even under the eyes it manages to not quite dry it out as much. I don’t think this powder is for baking and heavy setting as it can dry the skin. I had amazing oil control for 8 hours after using this. My skin was glowing but not slick.

Favourite tool to apply this is the Wayne Goss 02 brush and tapping off the excess before pressing it into the skin and lightly buffing it around. Did not notice any blurring / smoothing. Flash is something I don’t use, so can’t comment on the white cast. But I think if you use the minimal bit required, you should be alright.


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