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Quench the Thirst with Origins

I had gone to the Global Village festival here in Dubai yesterday with the family. It was a really beautiful drive till there, and I had an absolutely amazing time. If you ignore my sunburn, that is. It happened when we were waiting for the park to open and the only place to sit was in full sun facing view.

Alas, the skin did not like it. It was red the entire time I was there, but I really didn’t care. Now, I wish I had taken that stupid hat my husband bought me!

But fear not, to calm my skin I have my trustee Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask. The trial version is very handy, would recommend that if you are oily!

It is a thick, white mask that melts into the skin and smells fruity and nice. You can use a thin layer of it as a daily moisturiser or slather it on thick as a mask for drier days; or as in my case, sunburnt days.

It is very soothing and hydrating. I have found this works beautifully with flaking skin. It will be gone within 3 applications. You can also use it wherever you feel parched – hands, elbows, eye lids near brows and even the nostril area when you have a cold. I have not broken out while using this which is a plus for me too!

I just washed my face and slathered it on and today, I am already feeling my face become less red.

Would recommend for the dry skin people, just exfoliate your skin a bit and gently, before applying this. Beautiful for combination skin as well as oily. Bonus use if your skin is drying out through retinol treatments.


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