Colour Pop Cosmetics, Concealor, Makeup

Colourpop Concealer <3

I have long favoured minimal coverage over a heavy foundation. My favourite thing is to use a full coverage concealer mixed with a hydrating primer (Becca First Light or Guerlain Lor) and using it for light coverage.

And after trying out so many, I was finally handed the best and most amazing option by Colourpop, when I bought their No Filter Concealer. My shade is Medium 30 – perfect match. The cost – unbeatable!

The packaging is quite standard and no fuss. I really like that about it. The product amount is 0.14 oz- I would have to guess that is a normal amount as well. The thing I love the most – the applicator!! It is the paddle shaped slightly sponge like applicator which makes this a complete hit for me.

It picks the right amount of product and doesn’t make you feel like you are stabbing your orbital or facial skin. Also, I rarely have to double dip.

Consistency wise- this is creamy, spreads easily and sets for all day wear. It does oxidise but it’s dry down matches my skin colour; so hey, whose complaining??!!

Tip: choose a lighter shade than what you would go for normally if you want to highlight.

At the price it is, it certainly gives my MUFE concealer a run for money. It is a drugstore gem, now only if Colourpop was available in stores in the UAE!


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