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The BreakFast Shower Smoothie

If you love coffee, and the scent of it gives you life, well you don’t really need to look beyond your shower for that first whiff!! Soap and Glory’s Breakfast Scrub will see you through.

I mean this stuff is amazing. I have been a big fan of Soap and Glory skincare for quite some years. Love their hand-cream and body washes and the scrubs!! Bonus is, you always manage to get some sale involving them at Boots, so it is pretty affordable.

The container is plastic- which is good. It means that it won’t break while in the shower if I knock it down. I don’t have to worry about specifically storing it so as to not break the glass. And, most importantly it is not weighed down by the glass. So all the weight is the scrub and there is a LOT of it.

It looks thick and hard, but it is just the right consistency for a good exfoliator. I like using it after I finish soaping and rinsing my body. It smells like a sweet hazelnut caffe latte or a iced coffee but that maybe because of the Maple scent. It doesn’t even have coffee in it. But that’s what it reminds me of. It scrubs well and doesn’t leave the skin parched and scratched. The smell is mild so will not overpower any lotion or perfume you use. And it lasts a long time. I use it thrice a week, especially now when layer-weather is out!

It also washes off nicely and does not leave that grimy layer on the shower tiles, and there is no oily layer on the skin either.

I would go ahead and buy it while it’s on sale. I mean I am definitely stocking up when it comes on sale next time again!


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