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Omorovicza Moor Cream Cleanser

A cleanser from Omorovicza Budapest, famous for its Queen of Hungary mist- it sounds so exotic and luxurious as a brand, but it is fairly expensive price wise. For me, I prefer samples of cleansers because within a few uses you can get to know if they suit you or not. Hence, the sample of their Moor Cream Cleanser was ordered.

It was a standard sample satchet- lasted 5-6 uses. It claims to be a gentle yet purifying urban detox cleanser.

The texture was a bit mousse-like but lighter, it did not drip around. It had grey particles in it, I am assuming that is the Silt. It smells like a mixture of kaolin, peppermint and eucalyptus which is quite spa-esque. Doesn’t really matter all that much to me. I used a pea sized amount for each use as directed.

This is a good cleanser for dry, sensitive, normal skin types. It spreads easily, feels like silk to massage onto the skin. It irritates the eyes though because of the clay. Washes off well leaving moist, clean skin behind.

I didn’t like it for my oily skin, mostly because my face felt like it had lotion still on when I washed it off. I had to go in with a warm damp muslin cloth over my face. Maybe it is because it is potentially summer here in the UAE, but I would like it for the dry winters we have when I am makeup free.

Also, potential benefits from a cleanser that will be on my visage for no more than 5 minutes – bah! I am not shilling out money for that. It does not really make any sort of sense to me. Also, I don’t think it is suited for removing any makeup. So maybe remove the makeup first and then go in with this cleanser. Dry skin types would love it because it is very hydrating and does not strip the skin.

All in all, probably won’t repurchase in a full size. I do have a couple sachets more, so will wait till the winter months to use them.



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