Colour Pop Cosmetics, Eye Liner, Makeup

Colour lines in Summer

Colourful liners – whether eyeliners or kajal / kohl’s are such a thing every summer. Pastels and pigmented colours give the eyes and face a pop of brightness or smoky effect which is so trendy. The only liners I wanted were the UD / Marc Jacobs ones, they are beautiful- but to shill out this much cash for seasonal trends was not sitting well with me.

Thankfully, Colour Pop saved the day with their fun eyeliners. I ordered a bunch of them to try out, and they are as good as the high end ones I was lusting after- at a fraction of the price!

I also ordered a black one, my niece got to that one and demolished it. The packaging is plastic and the tops (which accurately tell the colours) are removable, but so convenient when you store the pencils upright.

They are creamy and pigmented and bright. Some are more creamy than others but once they set, there is no going back! I find it easy to remove with a oil based remover or Bioderma. My most used one till date is the Nude colour. It lasts on my watery eyes for ages- definitely more than Make Up For Ever Aqua XL and the Marc Jacobs liners.

These I would definitely recommend as I thoroughly enjoy them and for the price, the quality is amazing and rivalling the high end equivalents. These are definitely a steal.


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