Cover-shot Palette (Ablaze), Makeup, Palette, smashbox

Eyeballs all Ablaze – Smashbox

I thought Smashbox only ever made those Exposure palettes. Well, was I wrong. They have released such beautiful products over the last year, I am amazed.

I wanted to try their collab with Casey and also their warm cover-shot palette in Ablaze- the Drawn In Decked Out set clearly satisfied me. I am reviewing Ablaze here.

You have to be drawn in with this packaging. It’s kiddish and funky at the same time. It reminds me of those pencil cases I had as a kid.

Eyeshadow names are on the back. It’s quite a compact palette to get your eye makeup done. It feels sturdy and won’t shatter shadows in travel- unless you hurl things, because then it will!

The shades are warm and toasty. I would not carry Naked Heat by Urban Decay in my small makeup bag, but this I will!

Shadows seem buttery, mattes work well – pigment and blending wise. They don’t muddy up and are easy to work with. Don’t last on my oily eyelids without a primer; it’s normal. But they do last well otherwise.

If you are in the market for a warm palette but don’t want a big bulky one or just want to try some shadows or you travel, this is beautiful.

I do love the looks that I can do as it is a one and done palette for me.


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