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Born To Run…

That’s a sentence never associated with me. I hate running, walking, any activity with the potential to make me sweat. But here I was, with this beautiful palette on my screen; I just had to buy it. It gave my brain a workout. I can maybe workout wearing this on my eyes? Maybe…

Urban Decay always has quite interesting packaging. This palette is no exception! It is a plastic palette with a mirror that flips all the way back. The outer packaging is breathtakingly beautiful. All these pictures of places to be, makes me want to start my travel planning immediately! I would be taking this palette, obviously! It is made for travelling and is quite sturdy too.

The palette has 21 eyeshadows and the colour selection is amazing! The colours range from neutrals, to warms to some jewel tones. Cool tone friendly, this palette is not! So if you love cool toned looks on your eyes, you will shudder on seeing the eyeshadows.

But I absolutely love them. This is a palette that makes me want to dig in! The texture of the eyeshadows, regardless of finish, is very smooth and buttery. These ones, for a change, apply as good as they swatch (watching you Norvina palette) and they stay on the eyes pretty well. There was minimum fading and creasing. I do use a primer with eyeshadows since my lids are oily.

I am absolutely loving this palette. I hate that it is limited edition and that it hasn’t come to UAE Sephora yet, but Nordstrom had my back! So hey, palette achieved!

This is one of the best releases Urban Decay has done in a while and it makes me think that the brand is going OG with their aesthetic and vibe and I am here for it. If you are going to get something this year, get this and you will not regret it!

PS- the purples haven’t stained my eyes, neither have the corals, so it’s all ok.


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