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Getting Nude with Lancome UnNudes (Matte Shaker Trio)

Lisa Eldridge did something amazing with Lancome last year when they bought out the Juicy shakers and the Matte Liquid lipstick version after – the Matte Shakers. I found this trio on Nordstrom a while back and it was the perfect way to try the formula with shades I love.

The set was a value deal, so I was quite happy there. The packaging on these- amazing and cute at the same time. They feel substantial in the hand, quite luxurious and well crafted. The mechanism is the same as the Juicy Shaker with a sponge applicator in the cap.

As the name suggests, the shades were nudes, but very nice nudes. The kind that you can throw on and not be bothered about. They have a cooling sensation when I put them on, and application is such a breeze. Shaking these before applying always feels like a fun activity to me.

The shades as you can see are a mauve, slight peach and rose coloured on my skin tone. The texture is whipped yet light. It feels like a liquified matte lipstick rather than one of those drying liquid formulas. Consequently, they last a decent time on the lips (unless you eat a greasy burger/pizza) but you will need to reapply; that is not a hassle at all, let me tell you! They glide beautifully on the lips, don’t accentuate texture and are cute and small enough to carry in a clutch.

All in all, definitely love these and would buy more from the range.


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