Charlotte Tilbury, Highlighter, Makeup, Palette

Bring me the Gold Bar!

If we all remember the fiasco which was the Charlotte Tilbury Gold Bar- beautiful but icky packaging and crumbly. The horror of that has been replaced this year by her, again limited edition, Bar of Gold palette. I went to her counter in Dubai Mall, but they said they would only get a 100 pieces and they cannot book it, so I ended up ordering it online; which by the way, don’t ever do for UAE! It’s bloody overkill!

Anyway, here’s what the palette looks like:

There are 2 more shades in addition to the original release and this time in a plastic and hefty (fingerprint loving) packaging which is very secure (more than cardboard, anyway!). Each highlighter is 2.5 grams which is a good amount of product. I paid 375 AED for this, including shipping.

The colours are wonderful- there is a gold, a rose gold and a slight bronze to suit all needs. The texture is not too crumbly, like its predecessor, but it feels quite soft to the touch.

These are light swatches in natural light. I mean I could go nuts with my fingers and press hard and then give you blinding swatches, but that isn’t how I would apply them on the face anyhow! The swatches are in reverse of the palette, sorry!

This palette is beautiful. Hefty price tag but the product is worth it. They impart a sheen to the skin without emphasising texture and being glittery. You can apply them sheer, wet or layer them on cream for mega impact.

I am so happy I purchased it although I hate it being limited edition! Not sure if it is available in the stores at present but you can order it online!


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