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Sephora Rose Micellar Milk

I use micellar water / cleansing milks almost every time I wear makeup as the first course of makeup removal action. Especially on the eyes for mascara, etc. as I hate that film that blurs my vision if I use the cleansing balm/oil on my eyeballs.

I got this particular Sephora Brand Cleansing Milk in Rose as a part of my 200 point perk earlier this year. I figured it was time to crack it open since I was out of my usual micellar waters.

I would not call this a milk. It is more of a baby pink rose scented gel. Quite viscous and I drip some of it by squeezing the plastic bottle onto a cotton pad, and then press it into the cotton pad before touching that to my eyes. It just sits there on top otherwise for sometime.

Makeup removal wise – very good, nearly excellent! I’ve not used it to remove foundations as such. But it removes my Benefit Roller Lash and eyeshadow and concealer without hurting my eyes or causing reactions. Also, my eye area is very dehydrated, though oily. It does not leave my skin dry or cause breakouts. I do sometimes rinse my face after if I have used a lot of it just because my skin is oily. Dry/ dehydrated skin types would love it.

It is good especially for the price and ease of travel (plastic). Would recommend it for light makeup removal in winter/ for dry skin.


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