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Glossamer Duo’s – Pixi – Best Highlighters at the drugstore!

I have been trying to get my hands on these highlighter duo’s from Pixi for ages and they have been sold out everywhere for ages too! Sad as that was, I finally found them in stock on asos.com and here they are!

These are the Glow-y Glossamer Duo’s from Pixi by Petra. The brand is more popular for their affordable, good quality skincare but their makeup is also just as good, though overshadowed.

These highlighters come only in 2 shades of duo compacts – Delicate Dew and Subtle Sunrise – one is more pink and the other a bit warm.

The amount of product you get is insane for the price and even though the compact looks a bit meh, the plastic is good quality and the product is amazing. The texture is so soft and buttery, it feels like a cream, but it is a powder and it applies and blends like a cream with the staying power of a powder! Such an amazing product!! No wonder everyone has been going nuts over this!

The powders have a sheen which makes them highly reflective- maybe because of the diamond powders. Regardless, these can go anywhere from dewy glow to wet look to beaming to space vivid depending on how much you apply. I go for the first two options most of the times and mix both shades in the compact together.

These blend into a glossy glow on the skin. No texture is emphasised and it catches light beautifully. It was still in stock on asos.com when I checked today.

Definitely get your hands on these, definitely worth it.


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