Eyeshadow, Heavy Metal, Makeup, Palette, Urban Decay

Bling with Urban Decay Heavy Metal !

I recently saw the Holiday 2018 limited edition palette by Urban Decay, and guess what it reminded me of! Their Heavy Metals Palette! That was also limited edition but they are so similar, I wanted to write about my palette!

Packaging wise, there’s no question how well Urban Decay manages it! This ones a bit funky and reminds me of how Urban Decay used to be edgy in the old days. The palette itself slides out of the sleeve through the right side.

There are stunning glitters / metallics in this palette. You have 10 neutrals on the right and 10 jewel tones on the left. The mirror is oddly placed but yeah, I can ignore that.

These are light finger swatches, so you know I am serious when I say that this palette is darn pigmented! I prefer using brushes but don’t mind the occasional use of fingers as well. There is minimal fallout and the colours last all day on me. Wet, they pop even more and become metallic.

If you already own this, getting another glitter/metallic palette from any brand seems redundant (I am eyeing the Pat McGrath Bronze Seduction, though) because this has such a variety of colours across neutrals and jewel spectrum.


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