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Not a Photo Focus fan..

Makeup, when exceptional quality, is amazing. Pair it with a budget price point and it’s a winner. Last year I heard about the Wet n Wild Photo Focus foundation and recently purchased it to try it out. The reason I was so late is because most foundations do break me out or cause rashes and to be frank, I was scared of that.

The bottle is glass, heavy and doesn’t feel cheap. Standard 1 ounce product and is cruelty free. Props that you can see the colour in the bottle and it is not fogged glass or a covered tube. Has a pump so yes, that is definitely great.

True to its claims- it is almost full coverage, layers well to a certain point but can start to look heavy and mask-like. Photographs like a dream under flash and without.

The colour Golden Beige suited me perfectly. One layer was more than enough for me. Covered the little redness and corrected tone imperfections in my facial skin. However, it looked heavy under my eyes, around my nose area. Horribly heavy and accentuated texture and bumps on my cheeks.

It also has a very strong scent of paint. As soon as you open the bottle it hits you. And that made my eyes water. My concealer therefore slipped right off along with my kohl because I got an eye irritation and pumped out tears by the gallon. Weirdly my face started itching all over too. The smell went after sometime but after using it for a week I got those bumps under the skin and my eyes started tearing and the itching got quite bad. So I stopped using it.

Sadly, it did not control oil unless I really powdered it with a damp beauty blender. And that would make it heavy again on my face.

Really bummed it did not work for me. If it works for you, lucky you because it does cover and photograph well.


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