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Backstage Sculpting with Dior

I have chubby cheeks, and I don’t really know how to chisel out cheekbones. That being said, all the contour powders I have tried have not been best suited for an amateur like myself.

This little Dior Backstage Contour thing, this got me excited. Dior makeup is generally subtle on the face in recent fashion shows, or so my friend told me. So this is to replicate the effect.

It has a plastic packaging and no mirror. While being light and compact (it is quite small) it is travel friendly; the cost does not appear to be invested in packaging. The pans are enough to push a medium brush in, not the overly large poofs of bronzing brushes. The embossing makes it look special. There are 4 shades – two each for highlighting and contouring. They are supposed to work for a range of skin tones.

The powders are excellent quality. Only the first shade is a highlight (more like a light setting powder) on me though it has a sheen. The second shade has a sheen too, which I use to make my bronzer glow. The powders are pigmented, easily blend out and don’t blotch up in one place. There is no kick up in the pans so thats a good thing for me.

The handful of times I have applied this on my face, there has been minimal fading, and I have to use the darkest shade sparingly if I even want to sometimes as it becomes muddy on my warm skin undertone. I can see a broad range of skin tones enjoying this palette.

Truly a gem of a find at Dior!


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