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Dior – For that Backstage Glow

I have to admit, I was on the damn fence with this one. On one hand, it is Dior and therefore expensive. On the other, it’s highlighters and who doesn’t love an amazing formula palette! I ordered mine from Nordstrom.com a month back and have been in love. Totally in love, so much so that at one point I considered buying a backup! Which I did not, thankfully. This is so pigmented that it will last me quite sometime and then more.

Dior Face 1.JPG

The palette comes in this unassuming acrylic case sans mirror. The price does not justify this minimal packaging but given that this is aimed at being user friendly for artists when they want to see the inside content of a palette, I cannot argue on that. However, it is good acrylic so that is that.

Dior Face 2

The pan sizes are huge, even though the palette is not that big; it fits in my hand. The colours range from white to bronze, covering champagne and pink. All beautiful shades to, again, suit a variety of tones and shades of skin. The pattern is beautiful, more so than in the contour palette, because it gleams here.

Dior Face 3.JPG

I find this kind of formula to be very flattering as it is without visible chunks of glitter, and once you buff it in, this gives your skin a wet highlighted look. You can mix them up and go from a beautiful glow to a shazaaaam! bam!! level of highlight by layering and building up. Wet, this is something else entirely – so metallic, and still with a beautiful texture. The applications of this are endless, lip topper, eye-shadow, body highlight, face highlight – it does it all. If you have extreme texture, you might want to avoid overuse of this product.

Dior Face 4

Again, my swatches are not heavy, just one touch and swipe because I want you to see how it looks as we do not wear stripes of highlighter!

I am pleased to add this to my collection. If you have been looking to add this to your collection, I would suggest you go ahead.


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