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Eyeballing my Tartiest Pro

Tarte has been on my crappy list for some time now. I had bought this palette some time earlier this year and somehow forgotten about it and dismissed it. While I was organizing my drawer, I came across it and smacked myself on the head for not bothering to use it for so long! Also, I have massively been inspired by Samantha Ravndhal for using up things I have in my stash rather than just buying new releases and going cuckoo!


This is a sturdy palette. The outer packaging is that matte finger print prone type on the top, but the bottom is metal. Feels nice and heavy. The names of the eye shadows are on the palette itself.


Apart from the amazing smell of cocoa that you get a whiff of once you open it, you get a giant mirror and 16 matte shades and 5 foiled shades. The mattes are creamy, blend  easily and are quite pigmented. The foils, are very good, but it is the mattes that has me salivating. There’s quite a range of colours that you get here – so basically it covers all my requirements of a neutral, well rounded palette.


I find this palette very versatile. As I have mentioned, I use the mattes mostly for work.  They provide amazing smoky eyes, neutral eyes and it is so easy just to throw one of the mid-tone shades in the crease and then place another dark matte all over the lid and blend it together. SO easy and time efficient and I adore that! And it doesn’t shock people at my workplace into a frenzy, though I have been getting compliments a lot recently.

Some swatches for you:


Thoroughly adore this, and would continue to use. Probably my most used palette of the last two weeks.


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