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Not a Comfort Zone!!

Wet n Wild is that iconic brand which offers you (mostly) amazing quality beauty products at amazingly affordable prices. They recently revamped their 8 pan eye shadows one of which was the iconic Comfort Zone Palette. Alas! I have had to trash this original one I owned, even though it is an amazing palette! As you can guess from the banged up packaging, I did use it and try to make it work, but now I have had to dispose it off.


I love their quality of eye-shadows in these 8 pan palettes. They are affordable, versatile and pigmented. Also, they have them labelled for where to use what shade as a guideline in case you are new to makeup.

However, they are not my favorites; I had bought them because of the hype they had about them, but sadly for me it did not work out.



As you can see, all the shadows in this palette are shimmery. while some lighter shades have a sheen, there are shades which have chunks of shimmer / glitter in them.  I have to always bring a matte palette into the picture which I am not keen on. There is a little kick up, but there is noticeable fallout from the darker shades. Also, they for some reason crease on me even if I use a proper primer and set that with a powder well before applying them. More than that, the shimmer / glitter migrates on my eyelids and gives me a rash and makes my eyes red.

So sadly, even though this is am amazing palette, and I am sure so many people love it and it works for them, it has not for me. I think over the last few years we have had more amazing formula’s for eye-shadows come into the drugstore, so I do not need to be contending with something I do not like, when there is better out there.


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