Makeup, Marc Jacobs, setting spray

Marc Jacob’s Re(cover) Coco-naught spray!

The winter is upon us, and in Abu Dhabi it means dry weather. Hence, its time to break out the hydrating facial mists which otherwise would make me an oil slick. One of my recent purchases is the Marc Jacob’s Re(cover) Perfecting Coconut Setting Mist.

Its a decent sized bottle in plastic with a spray nozzle. The product itself smells divine and is quite hydrating.

As you can see, there is a minor issue – while the product is amazing, it leaks. Which at the price they charge for it, is ridiculous. And not to mention messy.

I am planning to decant the liquid and use it in my Glamglow/ Smashbox spray, which should make it easier to use and less messier.

It is a nice and wonderful mist especially for dry skin. Gives such a wonderful glow. I have not seen makeup lasting benefits but it does make the face look plump and radiant and reduces the look of powder significantly.

Not happy with the package though!


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