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Bronze Seduction Mothership V, palette-gasm!

I don’t know why they call these palettes Motherships and I cannot tell you how hilarious I found the email saying “Mother has your discount code” etc. But, like every sceptic I ate dirt and swore to never laugh like a hyena, once I tested the palette! Mine was the Met Gala edition which is gorgeous.

There are two gripes for this palette- gorgeous and luxe as it is. One – and this has been repeated by several customers- why is the palette black and not in the design of the cover and two, why are the names of the eyeshadows not on the palette but on a flimsy cardboard!!! Why??!!! Although the palette is a beautiful resin, heavy and luxurious to feel and hold.

The eyeshadows are beautiful. Mattes are creamy, blend beautifully and are easy to build up. Shimmers are equally impeccable. The 4 special eyeshadows in the right are such beautiful glitters. They apply well dry and wet, giving a beautiful sheen on the eyelids. Their texture is quite grainy and scratchy but do they perform excellent.

These are dry swatches so you can imagine how they would look wet. However, the issue I have faced is once applied, if I attempt any more blending, I get fallout and glitter on my cheeks- not a pretty look. Fingers do the job but I find that it becomes too chunky.

Overall, in love with the shadows, but contrary to everyones love of the special shadows, I don’t like them as much. Maybe will have to try a new way to apply them.

I purchased mine directly from the website and they do offer discounts when you sign up, so I found it better to order from there directly.


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