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I am soooooo done with warm palettes. Every brand came out with their warm versions, remixes and then they started the same with the cool palettes. But Huda did something amazing. With all of us being saturated with these palettes, all we needed was some specific colors to complete that vibrant void in our hearts. Cue her Obsessions palettes in various color families. I was the most drawn to the green one – Emerald Obsessions. It reminded me of the Gemini palette and I don’t really have that many green eyeshadows.

The palette is like the mini palettes she released earlier. Small and compact these are perfect for travel. The cover reflects the color family of the eyeshadows so it is easy to find them. Again, only the shimmery shades in the embossed gemstone on the front of the package shine in light – so that is cool.

It comes with a mirror – and that is so good for travel although I hardly use it, but I can imagine others using it.

There are 9 eyeshadows – all different variations of green; matte to shimmery to glittery and from pastel to deep forest green. So if you are missing any greens/blues/corals/reds etc. these mini palettes might be the way to go. Plus they are mighty affordable.

My only issue – fallout and the glitter pissed my eyeballs out. The eyeshadows need to be built up, apart from the matte brown-green, and dark green. The pastel needed to be layered and even then was not as vibrant. The glitters and shimmers would need to be layered but I think would be better over a wet base such as a glitter glue or concealer- basically anything wet which will make them adhere. I used them dry and found that the glitter migrated all over my face, but over a base – that is when they became metallic and shiny and almost chromatic.

My eyeballs had a itchy reaction to these shadows, so I am working on trying to find ways to use them and see which shades are being a pain. But I do find the palette is beautiful and definitely something you should look in – the entire series, in fact is gorgeous – and investment worthy.


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