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Nars Soft Ma(tte)de for me Concealer!!

This month I have had the weirdest skin with the dry weather in Abu Dhabi. My skin felt dehydrated, especially under the eyes and nothing was even looking nice on top of it. Plus late nights and stress didn’t help either.

Enter my impulse buy in the form of Nars Soft Matte Complete Concealer. This beauty in a jar is amazing and I am stoked that I found the perfect candidate in my quest for a good concealer.

Package is plastic with the standard Nars matte rubber cap. Contains 6.2 grams of product which is not much, but considering that this is a “little goes a long way” product- is a good amount.

Here’s my cons first- to get the bad part out.

If you have nails- applying this with a finger is a nightmare. You have to get it to soften by warming up before its magic is released. It is easy to over apply as it is a cream. And the jar packaging is a nightmare to be honest.

My pro’s on the other hand- are many!

If you are only using it for yourself, then dig in otherwise decant it into a palette. For me it works best warmed up by my ring finger in the pot and then tapped gently on my under eye area, around the mouth, nose to conceal redness. I find using smaller amounts and layering helps to prevent it from creasing. Coverage is beautiful and it sets after sometime on its own. I also set it lightly with powder and it lasts all day. If you are very oily, it may be hard to make this work for you but not impossible, but summers may be the exception. It did not cause breakouts, accentuate texture and blended into the skin. Soft matte is the right description because it is matte looking yet hydrating at the same time. My shade ginger, is perfect for my overall face. I have been using it consistently for office and have received compliments on how fresh I look.

I have finally found my holy grail concealer guys. But I will let you know if anything better ever comes around.


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