Eyeshadow, Makeup, Natasha Denona - Safari, Palette


I have a “matte love” moment going on where I will only use matte eyshadows. They are less prone to spread glitter on my eyes and also, are more work appropriate where I am employed. And having to pull mattes from different palletes in a morning when you are rushing and crushing is so impractical! Samatha Ravndahl was reviewing this palette release from Natasha Denona, and I liked it so much that I ordered it from Beautylish!

This is the Safari Palette – the all matte palette from Natasha Denona. Beautiful packaging this time – metal with a close clasp, a mirror to boot and not the foam and glass of earlier palettes. Each eyeshadow is named on the palette! Pans can be swapped out on a metallic palette too. Sturdier for her palettes but sleek at the same time. The color scheme of not only the outside box but also inside the palette with the arrangement of colours is quite well thought out.

The colours themselves are beautiful. There are colours covering a wide spectrum – light to midtone to blue and purples and khakhi! The formula is amazing as usual. I have used them with and without primer. The only difference on my oily lids was that they lasted a bit more with the primer.

Swatches are single swipe without a primer. Lovely addition to a sparkly eyeshadow collection and a must have if you are a matte lover!


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