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Sephora’s Charcoal Exfoliating Cleanser

You when you have oily skin, or even combination – you tend to get lured into those oil control, acne fighting face wash thingies which leave your face all tight, dry and uncomfortable. So I have shifted to creamy face washes which cleanse, but are gentle on the face.

Sephora just launched a selection of cleansers, and I thought I would pick the charcoal one to test for my oily skin. Since it is winter in UAE, it has been dry and cold so it being a cream cleanser really suited me.



The consistency is a cream with exfoliating beads. It’s not as exfoliating as it sounds and is suitable for even sensitive skin. There is no lather, and it is quite effective at removing basic makeup like a BB cream, light eyeshadow but at the end, my face feels clean and supple.

It has not broken me out, or irritated my skin which is great and it really is a recommeded all round product. Although, charcoal doesn’t really mean anything necessarily here; didn’t notice a difference. I’m excited enough to try similar products from and outside Sephora as they have made a difference in my skin. I see less dehydration, less lines caused by dryness. Overall, it’s wonderful.


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