Charlotte Tilbury, Cover FX, Highlighter, Hollywood Filter, Makeup

Charlotte’s Glow Miracle!

I love glowing skin, not oily and greasy, but that plump lit from within glow. I tried Cover Fx and Becca Skin Perfector liquids and while in less quantities they managed to do the trick, there was always the fact that they made it obvious I had some highlighter on my face.

Enter the Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter and it is such an amazing product!

The packaging is chic and the bottle glass and luxe! It has a fluid ounce of product and I ordered it directly from her website with a shipping of 50 dirhams approx.

The bottle has a doe foot applicator rather than a pump, which may pose an issue of hygiene if you are sharing it say with a friend or applying on clients. But for me, I am the sole user and well, its MINE! No sharing!

Texture is light and spreads wonderfully over the skin and almost melts into it giving it a natural glow unlike anything without glitter. I have used this under a light foundation/BB cream, over as a highlighter and even on top of powder and never has it had any issues. My favourite way is to apply with a Synthetic Brush like Sigma F series or the Real Techniques Multitasking so the product is not absorbed but buffed nicely. If using over powder, or makeup, better to use fingers to blend it.

One thing to note is that if you use it under a foundation as a glowing base, make sure the foundation is a sheer coverage or there is no point. Some days, I have merely concealed and powdered and only used this as a base product and it has been wonderful. Didn’t break me out, make me greasy or accentuate texture. But my skin looked beautiful.

Currently I am using Shade 2 but I plan to get Shade 1 as well as Shade 3. I simply cannot get enough of this product. The shades are sheer yet impactful at the same time.


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