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Chrissy x Becca – the OG Collab

Becca is one of my favourite brands by far. Last year they did a palette collaboration with Chrissy Teigen (John Legend's better half) which they have expanded into a sequel and a whole collection this year. I was not interested in the components of 2018's launch; the palette from last year, however, was on my… Continue reading Chrissy x Becca – the OG Collab

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Le Rose Quartz Bling

I have not posted in such a long time that it feels like I am not doing it right!!! Get a grip woman!!! So much more makeup has been launched that I fear for my wallet! I really wanted to get my chubby fingers on the new Becca Light Chasers and such. But I resisted… Continue reading Le Rose Quartz Bling

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Lovin’ the First Light!

It blew the market up when it launched and everyone was talking about the beautiful primer Becca launched in the pale lilac colour! Aimed at brightening and making claims of changing a bad face day into a fresh face day - we have the Becca First Light Priming Filter Primer. Since it has not launched… Continue reading Lovin’ the First Light!

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Too Much (Becca) Champagne Pop!

When I posted about my love for Becca Opal and Monstone in my previous post, I knew my addiction was real - so real that I bought the Liquid Shimmering Skin Perfectors for Opal and Moonstone from Cult Beauty - and they are divine!! However, aside from that, there was a product I was dying… Continue reading Too Much (Becca) Champagne Pop!

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Becca(use) you gotta glow!

Highlighters are everywhere! Every company is launching new and improved versions whether it be liquid or powder or creme, and everyone's caught up in this fervor. For me, it all started with Becca. I was not initially into makeup, I did not even know what "highlighter" was. But when I saw Opal and Moonstone online… Continue reading Becca(use) you gotta glow!

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The Cheeky Lips(tuff) in my bag.

I have been blessed with the weirdest chappiest lips - no matter winter or summer - thou shall flake and ache! It may be partly also because I keep licking my lips, but oh well... I was going through my bag the other day to sort of clear the things out and lo behold, found… Continue reading The Cheeky Lips(tuff) in my bag.