Lovin’ Laura’s Gelato <3

I have heard and seen many reviews on the Laura Geller baked highlighters called the Gelato Swirl Illuminators, and man the swatches were good!

However, to splurge on those teeny ones, because lets face it- they are smaller!- it was not quite sitting well with me. Till I found this:

It is a trio of her best selling Gelato Illuminator shades – Gilded Honey, Ballerina and Peach Glow – in one package with decent sized amounts.

The palette is cardboard but sturdy and comes with a mirror as well as a sponge brush which I found useless.

Although it buffs the product in beautifully, its scratchy and moves foundation when I used it.

The highlighters or Illuminators are beautiful. Their baked gelee' texture makes them less powdery and more pigmented. A little goes a long way. These can be sheered out and built up effortlessly. They do need to be buffed into the skin a bit as they can sometimes appear to sit on top of the skin / accentuate texture.

Once you buff them in though, they look amazing. And the trio is quite cheap as compared to the individuals, so a bargain.

My favourite surprisingly is Ballerina which I use as a blush topper, although Gilded Honey and Peach Glow are stunning in themselves too!


Looking Unfiltered -I

I love different components of face makeup – eye shadow, concealer, highlights and of course blushes!! Who doesn't love a beautiful rosy hue on the cheeks or a just bitten-by-cold flush?

This palette by Nars, the Unfiltered I, stole my heart because it had the Exhibit A blush (which is permanent, by the way) and that red made me want to have it. I may have "umm'd" and "aaah'd" too long, because it sold out on my local Sephora and I was told it ain't coming back.

But I found it in stock on Nordstrom and ordered it asap. It has such a beautiful packaging, I think they made it red to tell people "This has Exhibit A". I adore this packaging!

As you can see, it has 6 *almost* full size Nars blushes and highlighters/blush toppers – 5 are new and 1 is permanent / re-promoted. There is a big mirror as well which is great if you prefer to use that. The colour scheme in this palette as compared to Unfiltered II is very bold and versatile.

The texture is as high quality as you can expect from Nars. The darker and bolder blushes do stain the skin a bit and are quite long lasting. The pigment in them is amazing so a little goes a long way and they are easy to blend as well. I think a value of 295 AED for 6 powders (nearly full size) as compared to one blush / highlight for 165 AED makes it a steal.

Absolutely gorgeous. Definitely worth getting your hands on.

– xo

Le Rose Quartz Bling

I have not posted in such a long time that it feels like I am not doing it right!!! Get a grip woman!!! So much more makeup has been launched that I fear for my wallet!

I really wanted to get my chubby fingers on the new Becca Light Chasers and such. But I resisted because they were not my cup of tea. I was also reminded of how I missed out on the limited edition Becca Rose Quartz, which was my cup of tea, and how badly I wanted it even now.

Recently, I happened to catch Olivia's (from livlovesmakeup on youtube) comparison of the Jouer Rose Quartz Highlighter to the Becca Rose Quartz one – they are dupes!! Whats more, she claimed that the consistency of the Jouer one was better than Becca and I was sold.
Thank me later!

The packaging is great although a fingerprint magnet. Also, the highlighters from Jouer much like Becca are very "buttery and delicate". They can shatter as easily.

The colour is beautiful and the consistency is like they claimed – butter! It feels like a cream but is a powder. There is no kick back when you dip your brush in it. Goes on smooth and does not sit on the skin or emphasise texture on the skin that much. The glow is delicate and can be built up too. The colour is very flattering and can be also used as a blush topper.

All in all, this is a very good buy for me. Jouer highlighters are also a bit more affordable but the quality is as high up as Becca, Urban Decay, etc.

Must recommend!!


Color Pop Haul!

So apparently I had shifting to do.. and it was messed up and so all consuming that I did not even have the time to breathe!! Dramatic, but true and yet when I received the notification that Color Pop Cosmetics was giving free shipping world wide, my little heart fluttered. And we have a haul!
It is a well known brand on the internet and YouTube world but in the Emirates you can either buy it from their site or from Glamazle.

My order was the Nectar Collection and boy, am I glad to have it!!

Cute packaging as you can see and everything came intact. It did take 2 weeks plus to reach me and at one point I convinced myself that the order was lost!

I got the Knockout powder blush/highlight duo, a set of lippies and an eyeshadow palette.

Here’s a look at the goodies up close:

The Knockout Palette.

The eyeshadow collection “Blow Me Away”

You can actually remove the insert and make the palette into a Z palette kind of thing.

And, finally- the trio of lippies in mixed finishes. There’s an ultra matte (The Twirl), ultra satin (Likely) and ultra glossy (Up Do).

Well, I will be trying them and updating you guys, as usual. But I am impressed with what I have swatched and seen so far.

Definitely try them out when they have sales for good, affordable makeup!


Wet n Wild Blushes @ Virgin Megastore!

I saw this dupe video by Jaime on how the Wet n Wild Blushes were dupes for higher end blushes and then some, I was sorely tempted to get my hands on them. But for the life of me, I could not find them online or in the popular stores which have makeup.

Thats when I found these beauties stocked at Virgin Megastore – and you actually get them for only 29 AED or even less as they keep having sales online and provide free shipping occasionally! Or like me, you can go in store and swatch and pick these up!

wnw blush.jpg

I picked the colurs Rose Champagne and Apricot in the middle – which I found I had nothing like in my *ahem* collection of blushes. I will not bore you with swatches – but these are beautiful. The formula is great and it lasts on the skin pretty longer than before. The amount of product you get is also very generous pan wise. They are also cruelty free – for those of you who prefer to make cosmetic choices based on animal testing or a lack of thereof.

If you are looking for any Wet n Wild products – Virgin Megastores would be the way to go!

Highly recommend if you don’t want to splurge!


The Cheeky Lips(tuff) in my bag.

I have been blessed with the weirdest chappiest lips – no matter winter or summer – thou shall flake and ache! It may be partly also because I keep licking my lips, but oh well…

I was going through my bag the other day to sort of clear the things out and lo behold, found some lip / cheek products that have been must haves for me recently, so thought to share them here and tell a bit more about them, in case you wanted to try them out for yourself.

Clockwise from bottom – Revlon Sultry Matte Balm, Dior Addict 871 Power and Becca Beach Tint in Watermelon.

Revlon Sultry Matte Balm – I purchased this shade and a couple others when there was a sale going on. I liked the Revlon Kissable Balm Stains (especially in the shade Honey) for that subtle tinted glossy look. These are moisturizing, more pigmented but not fully matte – they are more of a sain finish on the lips and easy to use. I find that because of this, they don’t last long and if my lips are very dry, do tend to cling a little once the moisture is absorbed. They build up nicely, so reapplying is not an issue. If you have dry lips, do moisturize as a part of skincare. I do like the shade Sultry. It pulls more dark berry-ish on my pigmented lips and warm toned skin, it is beautiful.They also have a mild minty feeling, which doesn’t tingle, but you can feel the mint. So if you like or do not like mint- here’s a headsup. I have also used it as a blush once, and it was fine dabbed onto the apples of my cheeks with my finger.

Dior Addict Lipstick 871 Power – I got this after watching it in a video on Youtube. It was 180.00 (approx.) AED in Sephora which made me cry a bit initially. But on the lips, this is divine. It is deeply moisturizing, has the most wonderful glossy finish and it will give your lips the most beautiful tint of tomato-red which is pigmented enough that you can see it and glossy to where your lips look juicy; and it fades beautifully. My lips at their driest and chappiest have responded well to this lipstick and looked amazing and plump. The colour and feel as well as the overall package are very classy and the lipstick is darn good enough that when the moisture is gone, the lips stay hydrated. Bonus – it looks good when you bring it out to retouch. I would highly recommend this if you like Dior and can spend a few bucks extra for a good quality high end product.

Becca Beach Tint Watermelon – I ordered this off Cult Beauty when it came as a GWP if you spent 50.00 GBP. The basic concept of this is that it is  a pigment in oil which hydrates but stains as well and it is waterproof – ideal for the beach (Hence, Beach Tint). There are many shades to choose from and initially I was planning to buy all of them, but then I realized I only use this as a blush, more than a lip tint. It gives a beautiful glow to the cheeks and once the oil is abosrbed, the tint remains put. It blends easily and smells divine. I usually blend it in with my fingers. A tip I have is- squeeze the tube with the lid on, pressing at differnt points before you use it – it separates sometimes and only the oil comes out – which is not what anyone is after. It comes in a small tube, so easy for travel and on the go. On the lips, it’s a beautiful berry red shade which then shrivels my lips like a matte lipstick once the hydrating core is gone. It also breaks off and clings to dry patches and causes flaking on my lips. Once it is dry, building it up is not a good idea, as I have tried. So I have not purchased them since I own pretty much all colors in blushes already. As a quick waterproof fix, this is a good blush. Not my favourite for the lips.

I want more recommendations for glossy, easy lip products for the office and on the go. Let me know your faves, if any.


Steal A (Stila) Haul!

Did you get it??  No?? Oh, never mind!

This particular “haulage” happened when I was low, so I had a bit of retail therapy. I was anyway looking for a muti-tasking face palette which would enable me to atleast look presentable in the mornings at office. On normal days, I just wear concealor in a hurry and some mascara – it makes me look so flat faced that I have to have something more. This, when I saw it on Youtube, seemed like the answer to my woes.

Anyway, here are the palettes from Stila – The “Perfect Me Perfect Hue” Palettes in Light/Medium and Medium/Tan shades or “Hues“. Each has 2 blushes and 4 eyeshadows and 1 base for the eye, all powder formulations. I got mine from Cult Beauty recently. Stila is fairly easy to find though – ASOS, FeelUnique, and Glamazle also carry this brand. Except the prices at Glamazle are high – 250 AED or something. I got mine for 125 AED approx. each which makes me wonder – Why yo prices high yea, Glamzy?stila1.JPG

The packaging is beautiful with the leopard print. I somehow thought these would be a bit bigger but they are a little on the smaller side and fit in my hand easily. Each has a mirror, so good for travel and on the go. The palettes come in four different “hues” to complement fair/light, light/medium, medium/tan and tan/deep shades of skin tones. I got the two I thought most appealed to me, although except for fair/light, I liked all the other three.
Here’s a shot of both palettes –

Stila Palette in shade Light/Medium
stila 3.JPGI liked the color scheme of this palette. The base is softer and the eyeshadows are easy everyday neutrals (champagne, gold and brown vibes) but are also highly pigmented and blend well. The blushes are pigmented and not chalky at all. All products are generously sized and compliment each other well.

Stila Palette in shade Medium/Tan
This was the one I fell in love with at first online view. It was warm, coppery, delectable and everything I wanted with that coppery blush and the eyeshadow and brown and burgundy vibe. It is perfection for me.

I would highly recommend these to you. A bonus- the names all the pans and how you apply is given on the back of each palette – but you do you babe. It’s makeup, you go to town with it!

I however, have only ONE major gripe with these palettes. The PANS– they seem a little off. Some eyeshadow pans are loose and about to come off. I can actually depot them. I am thinking it may have happened during transit because the weather here in Abu Dhabi is currently Humid Central status and I get simultanously steamed and fried everyday. Apart from that, these are excellent palettes for travel and on the go makeup. I keep one in my small office makeup pouch and am no longer, Le Flat Face.