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Nars Soft Ma(tte)de for me Concealer!!

This month I have had the weirdest skin with the dry weather in Abu Dhabi. My skin felt dehydrated, especially under the eyes and nothing was even looking nice on top of it. Plus late nights and stress didn't help either. Enter my impulse buy in the form of Nars Soft Matte Complete Concealer. This… Continue reading Nars Soft Ma(tte)de for me Concealer!!

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Colourpop Concealer <3

I have long favoured minimal coverage over a heavy foundation. My favourite thing is to use a full coverage concealer mixed with a hydrating primer (Becca First Light or Guerlain Lor) and using it for light coverage. And after trying out so many, I was finally handed the best and most amazing option by Colourpop,… Continue reading Colourpop Concealer ❤

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The best drugstore concealor <3

There was a time when I searched high and low for the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealor - you know, the one with a sponge on the top - and it was not anywhere in the UAE. But I would hear and read of people raving about this product, but it had not yet released here… Continue reading The best drugstore concealor ❤

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Having the “Custard”!

Since the dawn of NARS in UAE - which is probably this year itself - I have been skitting around a product that everyone has been talking about. I will not say "obsessed" because the word has been really overly used and abused. Everyone is obsessed about everything. *Shakes head* Among the list of things I wanted to… Continue reading Having the “Custard”!

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Because MUFE’s all ’bout that base!

I still remember the first time I tried a primer - it was a Rimmel London one in a blue and white tube - and I remember the reaction my face had to that primer till now! I never knew what primers were for, what use they had other than for people with skin issues (pores,… Continue reading Because MUFE’s all ’bout that base!