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The Mattifying Glowy Meteorites!

What can I say, I am a sucker for Guerlain Primers. I have all of them, and even though they alone will last me ages, trust me, had there been one in the 2016 fall collection -  it would be mine!! I have discussed my love for the L'or Primer already. But I also have another love… Continue reading The Mattifying Glowy Meteorites!

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Guerlain L’Or Primer – The L’ord of Primers

I typically don't wear jewellery - well, except the ring "Le Beau" gave me and everytime I don't wear it, I get the *stinky eye*. But there is one gold thang I have been slapping on my face like nothing - The Guerlain L'or Primer with flecks of real gold in it. To be honest, I would see… Continue reading Guerlain L’Or Primer – The L’ord of Primers