Color Pop Haul!

So apparently I had shifting to do.. and it was messed up and so all consuming that I did not even have the time to breathe!! Dramatic, but true and yet when I received the notification that Color Pop Cosmetics was giving free shipping world wide, my little heart fluttered. And we have a haul!
It is a well known brand on the internet and YouTube world but in the Emirates you can either buy it from their site or from Glamazle.

My order was the Nectar Collection and boy, am I glad to have it!!

Cute packaging as you can see and everything came intact. It did take 2 weeks plus to reach me and at one point I convinced myself that the order was lost!

I got the Knockout powder blush/highlight duo, a set of lippies and an eyeshadow palette.

Here’s a look at the goodies up close:

The Knockout Palette.

The eyeshadow collection “Blow Me Away”

You can actually remove the insert and make the palette into a Z palette kind of thing.

And, finally- the trio of lippies in mixed finishes. There’s an ultra matte (The Twirl), ultra satin (Likely) and ultra glossy (Up Do).

Well, I will be trying them and updating you guys, as usual. But I am impressed with what I have swatched and seen so far.

Definitely try them out when they have sales for good, affordable makeup!


Kat Von D Alchemist: Holographic Heaven!

I love Kat Von D powder and lip products – most of what I have tried are eye shadows and her liquid lipsticks- and the quality is amazing. The pigment, texture, payoff, lasting power – all are top notch. I tried layering them on other shadows and they looked BEAUTIFUL!!! Frankly, I had thought those swatches on her website were photo-shopped! But they do actually look exactly the same and are oh! So pigmented!! I am in love ❤


She recently released this gem of a palette – The Alchemist – which had 4 holographic powders to be used on the eyes, face, lips and body. And I wanted it so bad! Lucky for you, its now available in stores and on for 140 AED. You are welcome!

The packaging is gorgeous. The outer cover as well as the actual palette have this beautiful art-work by Kat which is holographic! So when you throw away the outer cover – you can still see the beauty of the “holo” !


I know people have said it resembles the Moon Child ABH Glow Kit – but the texture is different. These are not glittery, but have a sort of glow in them. I know the product versus price ratio is not that great – but for the application/way of use and with the pigmentation – these are amazing and worth it.


You can swatch them in store and I would definitely recommend picking a backup because one of these is just not enough! I purchased my 2nd one recently too.

Do let me know what you think about these.


Wet n Wild Blushes @ Virgin Megastore!

I saw this dupe video by Jaime on how the Wet n Wild Blushes were dupes for higher end blushes and then some, I was sorely tempted to get my hands on them. But for the life of me, I could not find them online or in the popular stores which have makeup.

Thats when I found these beauties stocked at Virgin Megastore – and you actually get them for only 29 AED or even less as they keep having sales online and provide free shipping occasionally! Or like me, you can go in store and swatch and pick these up!

wnw blush.jpg

I picked the colurs Rose Champagne and Apricot in the middle – which I found I had nothing like in my *ahem* collection of blushes. I will not bore you with swatches – but these are beautiful. The formula is great and it lasts on the skin pretty longer than before. The amount of product you get is also very generous pan wise. They are also cruelty free – for those of you who prefer to make cosmetic choices based on animal testing or a lack of thereof.

If you are looking for any Wet n Wild products – Virgin Megastores would be the way to go!

Highly recommend if you don’t want to splurge!


Lovin’ the First Light!

It blew the market up when it launched and everyone was talking about the beautiful primer Becca launched in the pale lilac colour! Aimed at brightening and making claims of changing a bad face day into a fresh face day – we have the Becca First Light Priming Filter Primer.


Since it has not launched in Sephora UAE yet, you can get this from Cult Beauty online.


It came in the standard Becca packaging- similar to its predecessor – The Backlight Priming Filter. The bottle is a frosted glass which feels heavy, luxurious, well made and with a pump to dispense. Again, this is in line with the Backlight they lauched before. Size is a standard 1 ounce.


One of the most intriguing things about this product is the colour. It is a pale purple- almost pastel colour. And it comes out the same way on the skin. It actually smells nice and fresh like a sweet lemonade. Once you spread the primer though, it sinks into the skin in a few minutes and there is no purple tinge left on the skin.


Here’s my review on this:

Packaging/smell: I like the packaging. It is actually nice. The smell is a bit sweet citrus and may bother some of you, to me it was fine and it softens as the product sinks into the skin.

Performance: I love this primer. It works beautiful as a base for my oily skin as well. I find that the primer spreads nicely – you need only 1 pump for the entire face and neck. Also, it does appear to leave a cast on the face – but let it sink in for around 2 minutes and that will be gone. My skin always looks brighter, plumper as if it just had a big drink of moisture. It makes me look less tired and dehydrated. I do go over this with the MUFE mattifying primer in areas I get oily, but thats because I live in a very hot and humid place. If you are staying indoors, only this as a base and a mattifying seting powder should be fine.

The trick here is to use only a pump and let it sink in. Dry skinned girls would love it too! Some days I just wear this and the MUFE primer with no foundation, only a bronzer-blush and I am fine! I have received compliments on the glow this gives.

Definitely a recommendation!



The Mini Face Tartiest :D

Tarte is a brand that is very highly regarded when it comes to sensitive skin and the only things so far I had tried from them were their Amazonian Clay blushes in different holiday kits. They recently launched the Tartiest Range of cosmetics and one of the most buzzed about products was the highlight and contour palette. It however, had a cream contour and was more than what I wanted to spend on a palette which may react with my skin and had an unwanted cream! Tarte can be ordered on their website and is now available in Sephora stores and online!

Lo and behold, I was in the Sephora at Dubai Mall and I saw this last Pro Glow To Go mini of the palette at the till and added it to my purchase.


The packaging is a standard sturdy cardboard – very thin and sleek, which opens like a little book with a mirror on the left (ideal for touchups on the go) and 2 highlights (one pearl and one sand) and a bronzer/contour on the right. The powders are 2.3 g each and it retails for 100 AED. The full size is 5.0 g each with a value of 200 AED. Not the best value wise, but for someone who doesn’t reach for a full palette all the time – excellent. Get the full size if you need highlighters and don’t have a already big collection!



I am in love! The quality is amazing, the powders are fine and melt into the skin – the texture accentuation is minimal if you are worried about it – but use a light hand or it will react like any other powder and expose the terrain. The powders are also Cocoa scented which gives me Nutella cravings all the time!

I would say if you were eyeing the original palette and were wary about the cream in that, go with this one. It is the same quality, same product – just mini and without the cream hassles.

A definite recommendation from my end!



Ambient Palette – Hourglass

This little number broke the internet when it was released. Sadly, Hourglass is not sold in the UAE (ranting inside at the injustice), but you can order it online from Glamazle or Alshop. Mine cost me nearly 275/- AED including shipping, and believe me I have been very happy with this purchase.

When it arrived, it was as beautiful as expected and an ideal way to travel with three powders in one palette. However, the packaging was a bit..too light plastic for what I paid. This basically means that it while it looked amazing and beautiful, it was not that luxurious or sturdy and till now I fully expect it to crack when I drop it. Also, this means that the powders inside will crack as well – it ain’t that good for travel if you are travelling rough, if you get my drift.


Once you open it, you have the three powders inside – Dim Light, Incandescent Light and Radiant Light (Left to Right) and a good quality mirror to go with them. The pans are decent sized and will accommodate most brushes which is good.


The powders are soft, buttery and go on extremely well on the skin. However, the product is so finely milled and delicate, even the softest brush causes quite a bit of kick-up. Of the three, I find Incandescent Light to be the most “highlighter-esque”  with shimmer in it, while still being amazing no doubt. My favourite brush to apply them with is Wayne Goss No. 2 from Beautylish. Here’s a close up of them.


My thoughts are that even though I think the packaging is crap (but good looking and chic) and the powders will shatter easily on slight impact, they are nonetheless extremely good quality. Hourglass seldom disappoints in delivering beautiful products. They are by no means setting powders offering oil control or anything else, they are finishing powders which means they go on in the end as a final touch. I cannot see a drastic visible difference when I use them on a full face of foundation; I know they are meant to mimic different light settings but still, it’s not like I apply them and suddenly everything is perfect.

However, I do love them on a BB cream or on bare skin, which is how I use them most days. My preferred way is to apply a light BB cream and then dust Dim Light over the center of the face, Radiant Light over the perimeters (as I would a bronzer) and Incandescent Light over the high-points (as I would a highlighter). In that respect, the powders really deliver. I can see them smoothing my face, blurring a lot of pores and giving me a beautiful radiance. You can even mix them to create your custom ambience. Dry patches, etc. will obviously not go away and if you are oily – please use a oil control primer / spray.

I will definitely repurchase and also order full size ones once I am done with these.


L’OREAL Infallible 24hr Eyeshadows

I have heard people call them dupes for the Giorgio Armani “Eyes to Kill” pressed pigment shadows – which I do not own, btw – but they were notoriously hard to find in Abu Dhabi!
I’m talking about the L’oreal Infallible 24 Hr Eyeshadow pots. I have seen them all over social media, YouTube and every one raves and loves them; they retailed for 90.00 AED the last time  I saw them in the L’oreal Counter in Carrefour (pitiable collection of 5 shades, really), but I haven’t seen them anywhere there or elsewhere in ages!!

Luckily, I saw a few colours that I had wanted for a long time on and they were for only 20 AED a piece. So an impromptu order was placed, and here they are  – the 5 I ordered – for your visual pleasure.infallible4

The consistency is of a slightly tightly pressed pigment. They even come with a stopper to ensure that the pigment doesn’t losen up over time or smash all over if you travel with it. The texture is buttery and somewhat creamy – but its not a cream.


There is a standard 0.12 ounces of product in each eyeshadow. I find that they apply well with a stiffer brush – are more molten-ish if the brush is wet – and with fingers. The colours I picked are –

Gold Imperial
Iced Latte


Cherie Merie
With A Twist


Gleaming Bronze

They look beautiful on their own for a light wash, over a base and even over other eyeshadows when layered. There is miniml fallout, but it would be better if you do the eyes first and then the face makeup. Now I am waiting for more colours to come up so I can add them to my collection.

I am happy that I managed to get my hands on them for cheaper- they are not worth 90 AED retail, so if you get them for say the 20 AED on souq – it would be a better bargain.