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Le Rose Quartz Bling

I have not posted in such a long time that it feels like I am not doing it right!!! Get a grip woman!!! So much more makeup has been launched that I fear for my wallet! I really wanted to get my chubby fingers on the new Becca Light Chasers and such. But I resisted… Continue reading Le Rose Quartz Bling

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Jouer Limited Edtion Lip Creme Trio !!

I am the type of person, who never gets along with Liquid Lipsticks. No matter which one I tried- from Bourjois to Maybelline to Sephora - they made my lips feel so uncomfortable, it was a pain! However, I may have found one brand that does it right for me. Jouer launched their Long Wear… Continue reading Jouer Limited Edtion Lip Creme Trio !!

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A little Skinny Dip for the Lip!

Although matte lipsticks are my favourite, I cannot tolerate liquid lipsticks. I had pretty much given up on all formulae till I heard a couple bloggers rave about the Jouer Lipsticks. I guess they raved about the topper a tad more than the lippies themselves, which is why when Skinny Dip was restocked, it was promptly ordered… Continue reading A little Skinny Dip for the Lip!