Color Pop Haul!

So apparently I had shifting to do.. and it was messed up and so all consuming that I did not even have the time to breathe!! Dramatic, but true and yet when I received the notification that Color Pop Cosmetics was giving free shipping world wide, my little heart fluttered. And we have a haul!
It is a well known brand on the internet and YouTube world but in the Emirates you can either buy it from their site or from Glamazle.

My order was the Nectar Collection and boy, am I glad to have it!!

Cute packaging as you can see and everything came intact. It did take 2 weeks plus to reach me and at one point I convinced myself that the order was lost!

I got the Knockout powder blush/highlight duo, a set of lippies and an eyeshadow palette.

Here’s a look at the goodies up close:

The Knockout Palette.

The eyeshadow collection “Blow Me Away”

You can actually remove the insert and make the palette into a Z palette kind of thing.

And, finally- the trio of lippies in mixed finishes. There’s an ultra matte (The Twirl), ultra satin (Likely) and ultra glossy (Up Do).

Well, I will be trying them and updating you guys, as usual. But I am impressed with what I have swatched and seen so far.

Definitely try them out when they have sales for good, affordable makeup!


Huda Beauty Liquid Matte Mini Fail

I have heard a lot of buzz around the Huda Beauty Liquid lipsticks..and while they are a 100 AED per piece on Sephora, I was not that into buying them till I saw their mini lip-kits in Brown, Nude, Pink and Red release. Better value, much to try – so here I am.


I bought the Brown Mini Kit with the shades Trendsetter, Flirt, Spice Girl and Vixen. I liked the colours, although they do change depending on the pigmentation of your lips. On me the shades are daker than in the tubes. A bit of foundation on the lips should take care of that, no doubt. The bottles each have 1.9ml of product and the price is better on CultBeauty than Sephora UAE.


And here’s what I think of them –

Packaging: The bottle is a frosted glass and weighted, feels nice. But they are crap inside packaging wise. I hope to God the full size ones aren’t like this, but I am not willing to even try. The stopper does not work! It means that unlike a Jouer or Anastasia liquid lippie, where you pull out the wand, the stopper squeezes the wand a bit so there is no over coating – it does not happen here. The wand is generic as per liquid lipstick standards. It is also always overloaded. The stopper also stops the liquid lipstick from flowing out like water, isn’t it? Try and invert them by mistake when they are open to check the lipstick name – it will drizzle on your clothes. It has happened to me twice before and also right now, as I picked one to try and wanted to check the shade. Not a fan!


Texture: The smell is quite strong and artificial vanilla. You can smell it as soon as you open the tube to apply and it lingers a bit till they dry. They are very liquid-ish in texture – akin to rubbing thin glosses on your lips. You do need to scrape the excess off because it will be goopy and messy. It goes on well and feels comfortable althougha bit dry. The colours dry down different than what is initially applied depending on how pigmented your lips are.

Longevity: What longevity? I wore all these shades to office and within 3 hours of applicaion – gone. I only had the outer rim left but the fade was even and there was no crumbling so I guess that was a bonus. Better to not eat or drink with them on. They take around 2 minutes to dry in a thin layer – till then you will get a transfer- but its minimal.

All in all, not that keen on going and buying all. I much prefer my Jouer ones (need to write about them here)  and Anastasia ones to these. Try one before you go bonkers about the colours would be my advise, and the mini kits are always a better option.




Velvet Lip Glide Set – Mind Blown!

Normally I would have stopped at the Marc Jacobs “Up All Night” Mini Lip Creme’s! set that I got from Sephora, but there was no turning back after I swatched the 5 mini velvet lipglides by Nars that come in the Mind Game Holiday set featuring Sarah Moon.

The velvet lip glides were launched in 2016 and for all intents and purposes, they are glossy lipsticks in a liquid lipstick form. They are not long lasting or super matte but they are very comfortable and velvety on the lips. A full size retails for 145 AED on which I am not comfortable spending on a new formula – so this set was an easy way to try new colours as well as how they fare on my lips.


Needless to say, I am in love! By far the only comfortable liquid -lipstick I have are the Jouer ones – I ordered more! So these are a welcome addition to my collection for times when I want to wear something richer than a gloss which is not matte.

The outside packaging is swoon-worthy. I liked it overall – too bad the inside does not have anything except plastic housing the 5 lipglides. The product in each of the tubes is half of what you would get in a full-sized one, which makes it a steal price-wise. The scent is a light vanilla- nothing overpowering or artificial. The colours in this set are all autum/winter suitable- but then the thing is that they can be used lightly to mimic stains and berry looks so for me, they can be used whenever.


I also like the applicator – it’s a doefoot with flat sides which means there is no over deposition of product and its easier to line and swipe at the same time.


I find the texture and colors very flattering and very comfortable. Yes, they do not last long but they fade well and do not bunch up. They don’t accentuate cracks or dry lips and sort of dry down to a velvet finish. They are also easy to apply and layer and even mix up which makes it so so easy to make a custom colours. The reds do seem similar in colour, but then on the lips they do have sutble differences in tone and warmth.

The darker colours do streak a bit and may be patchy, but if you do thin layers, they are beautiful. Overall I find this set lovely and worth it. If you are still debating on it, just go and get it. It will be worth it.


Jouer Limited Edtion Lip Creme Trio !!

I am the type of person, who never gets along with Liquid Lipsticks. No matter which one I tried- from Bourjois to Maybelline to Sephora – they made my lips feel so uncomfortable, it was a pain! However, I may have found one brand that does it right for me.

Jouer launched their Long Wear Lip Creme’s earlier this year, I guess, and I waited till now to order a few – being wary of the formula, but also because Jouer is not sold in Sephora here. You can only order it online from Cult Beauty or Beautylish which puts a damper on the “try-it-out-first” part. I ordered the color Noisette (beautiful 90’s brown) earlier to try on and loved it so much that when I saw this limited edition trio was out for the holidays, I added it to my bag and yes, here it is!!


The outside packaging is well done with the gold and white – really classy and if you are gifting this to someone – you can do so as it is because it looks that good.


The three colours you get in this (which I also assume are limited edition) are Winter Rose (light mauve color – think Noisette but with pink rather than brown), Cranberry (shimmery holiday pink based red), and Clove (chocolatey shimmery warm bronze).  The swatches are below:


I like the lip cremes a lot. Their scent is beautiful – a bit strong caramel- but it wears off when you apply it. The texture for the matte cremes and the shimmers both are very comfortable. There is no streaky application, the doe-foot applicator is well designed and applies the product without any hitches. The colours dry down to beautiful finishes and are quite long wearing without drying and making the lips look like crepe fabric. They fade uniformly and do not fall in clumps – unless you rub your lips together a lot, in which case yes, they will do that.

However, do note that any gloss applied on top does make them sticky and tend to move them around, decreasing their longevity significantly.

All in all, I am pleasantly surprised by this line of liquid lipsticks, not expecting to love them as I do. This trio is limited edition but they do have beautiful colours in their regular line as well as the seasonal lineup that they do – their fall and mermaid collections, for example. Plus, holiday sets are more economical!

Do check these out if you are in the market for new liquid lipsticks.


Marc Jacobs “Up All Night” Mini Lip Creme’s!

I have always lusted after Marc Jacobs makeup especially his lipsticks- but never have I ever had the guts to go and purchase from Sephora! Although it is not that expensive when you compare it to Urban Decay or Nars in the UAE – but something has always held me back from the splurge.

Yesterday when I was in Sephora Yas Mall – I saw that the Up All Night Mini Le Marc Lip Creme set was available and once the MUA showed it to me – I fell in love. The value is good too – each mini lipstick is half the full size one. The full size retails for 150.00 AED and these 5 minis plus the reusable clutch retail for 225.00 AED. So you basically only pay 1.5 full size cost which is a bargain!


The packaging is beautiful – too too beautiful – all this dazzling purple. The actual clutch also has the same color plus a tassle zipper – which you can reuse since the insert carrying the lipsticks does come out.



The lipsticks felt like the same formula as the full sized ones – although they are petite and it scared me to apply them initially because I thought they would fall off / break but they didn’t – which was good. The shade selection is also pretty nice – you have the reds, a purple and nudes- because not everyone feels the need to wear vampizaaz colours around holiday time!

Here are the shades in the kit –

No Angel
Slow Burn
Oh Miley!
Miss Scarlet

All are actually from the permanent collection – so if you like a shade or two, or all – you can go and get it. But for me, this is a wonderful way to treat myself to a brand I have never purchased from and the fact that I got a clutch to go – bliss!!

Highly recommend and suggest that you buy it before it runs out as it is limited edition!



A Vice Haul

I love my Urban Decay Lipsticks – no joke and no questions. I already had their Blackmail palette and wanted to get some more shades for fall because, why not! So I walked into Sephora and came out with these two new VICE Lipsticks.

Now I know that everyone’s about the fall colours and the berries and red and darks – but there was something in these colours that drew me to them and I thought to myself, this fall let’s be different!


The colours I got are Ravenswood and Manic – both from the Cream finish category.


Both are very creamy, slightly glossy on the lips and very comfortable. I chose creams although I am a fan of Mattes, because the cold is cracking my lips – and that ain’t cool by me. They feel hydrating and do not accentuate dry patches and lines on the lips making them look plump and full.

Ravenswood is a slighty warm plum. The shade is one swipe full color pay-off and extremely comfortable. It goes well with a multitude of looks and styles and does not accentuate texture and lines on the lips. It looks darker in the tube than it translates on the skin.


Manic on the other hand, is a slighty deeper and warmer version of Ravenswood and equally comforatble, pigmented and beautiful on the lips. It has a very slight rose-red tint to it and is described as a wine rose – although it is not as deep a color and can be a good substitute if you are not daring enough (or in my case your office doesn’t allow) to wear the deep darks and berries for fall.


So far, I am in love with the formula and would highly recommend these to anyone on the market for a new lipstick.


Bad Blood Revolution :D

It’s the season of reds – red’s all around. And because its celebration time, well, you need to look put together. Nothing says that better than a red lip – classic and elegant. If it is matte – even better.


One of my favourite brands Urban Decay – has a favourite matte deep red of mine – Bad Blood. The color is a deep red that looks fabulous on so many skin tones. It was originally in their Matte Revolution line which has now been relaunched as the Vice line. The lipstick is the same, however, the packaging has been upgraded.


The comfort matte formula is one of the best I have ever used. The pigmentation, application, finish and everything about this lipstick is top notch. There is no splotchiness, even pigmentation, one swipe intense color pay-off. And it stays comfortably matte on the lips for absolutely hours.


It even fades nicely  and does not do the crumbly, patchy wearing off in-between-dinner thing, too. So your lips stay all beautiful throughtout. Even if your lips are dry and crackly, this will not accentuate those features and smooth over the texture to give you a sexy, polished pout.

Thoroughly recommend this matte red for the fans of the classic red.

More recommendations to come, though.