Electric, discontinued!

Don’t you just hate it when brands pull out amazing products and then, suddenly for some reason- poof! Discontinued!! And I hate it even more when these are perfect products that don’t need any tweeking! 

The latest one to fall in this has been Urban Decay Electric Palette. I always wanted one and it was permanent so I figured I had time. No, I didn’t!! It has been sadly discontinued and if you are lucky, like me, the Sephora near you may have one or two last pieces they have stowed away. 

I love the packaging! It’s such a riot of beautiful colours. Never let it be said that Urban Decay skimps on packaging!!

The inside is also the same and the packaging js a sturdy plastic. It comes with a dual ended brush, standard of Urban Decay. I don’t think it would survive a fall since the eyeshadows are pressed pigments after all. 

The pigments are no less beautiful. Rich and buttery and can be built up so well. I have not experienced any fall out. The brush that comes is also nice enough to use and not throw away. 

It is such a good palette for accents and pops of colour. It would complement neutral palettes very well. Not only are the colours amazing, I find the finishes to be beautiful too. 

If you have it, pull it out and play with it, Summer is here!! If you don’t have it, fear not, Sugarpill is there too!

Super recommend!

PS: I have the Sleek Acid and Matte Neon Colour one. That is no dupe for this quality wise. 


Color me Pastel Goth!

‘Ts the season of spring (it’s blistering summer here already in Abu Dhabi) wordwide. That means colours and bright colours… did I mention colours??!!

It is also time to talk about the palette that was limited edition and had to be re-released by Kat Von D because it was so good, and so unlike the brand’s usual releases! The Pastel Goth Palette.

The gorgeous dripping bright oil pastel coloured art work is courtsey Kat herself. The inside of the palette is no less beautiful. Infact the colours on the cover match the layout of the inside eyeshadows – which is pretty cool. I waited since Feb for this palette to re-release on Glamazle after it sold out the first time. Sadly, unlike the Alchemist, this never made it to Sephora in UAE. My patience paid off and I finally was able to get my greedy hands on it.

The names of the eyeshadows are on the back of the outer box as well as the palette.

The colours are beautiful and although pigmented well enough, I would still use them over a white base or a lighter / coordinating base to really bring their vividness into play. The palette is vegan and cruelty free and all I could ever hope for. I could not believe it was this bright and vivid in person at all, but it is and its amazing.

I have no idea if this is coming back again, I would love to see it permanent. If you missed out on it, fear not – try matching with Inglot as they have similar shades as well in their collecton.

I am absolutely loving this palette at the moment. Worth the wait and effort for me!!


Kat Von D Alchemist: Holographic Heaven!

I love Kat Von D powder and lip products – most of what I have tried are eye shadows and her liquid lipsticks- and the quality is amazing. The pigment, texture, payoff, lasting power – all are top notch. I tried layering them on other shadows and they looked BEAUTIFUL!!! Frankly, I had thought those swatches on her website were photo-shopped! But they do actually look exactly the same and are oh! So pigmented!! I am in love ❤


She recently released this gem of a palette – The Alchemist – which had 4 holographic powders to be used on the eyes, face, lips and body. And I wanted it so bad! Lucky for you, its now available in stores and on Sephora.ae for 140 AED. You are welcome!

The packaging is gorgeous. The outer cover as well as the actual palette have this beautiful art-work by Kat which is holographic! So when you throw away the outer cover – you can still see the beauty of the “holo” !


I know people have said it resembles the Moon Child ABH Glow Kit – but the texture is different. These are not glittery, but have a sort of glow in them. I know the product versus price ratio is not that great – but for the application/way of use and with the pigmentation – these are amazing and worth it.


You can swatch them in store and I would definitely recommend picking a backup because one of these is just not enough! I purchased my 2nd one recently too.

Do let me know what you think about these.


The Mini Face Tartiest :D

Tarte is a brand that is very highly regarded when it comes to sensitive skin and the only things so far I had tried from them were their Amazonian Clay blushes in different holiday kits. They recently launched the Tartiest Range of cosmetics and one of the most buzzed about products was the highlight and contour palette. It however, had a cream contour and was more than what I wanted to spend on a palette which may react with my skin and had an unwanted cream! Tarte can be ordered on their website and is now available in Sephora stores and online!

Lo and behold, I was in the Sephora at Dubai Mall and I saw this last Pro Glow To Go mini of the palette at the till and added it to my purchase.


The packaging is a standard sturdy cardboard – very thin and sleek, which opens like a little book with a mirror on the left (ideal for touchups on the go) and 2 highlights (one pearl and one sand) and a bronzer/contour on the right. The powders are 2.3 g each and it retails for 100 AED. The full size is 5.0 g each with a value of 200 AED. Not the best value wise, but for someone who doesn’t reach for a full palette all the time – excellent. Get the full size if you need highlighters and don’t have a already big collection!



I am in love! The quality is amazing, the powders are fine and melt into the skin – the texture accentuation is minimal if you are worried about it – but use a light hand or it will react like any other powder and expose the terrain. The powders are also Cocoa scented which gives me Nutella cravings all the time!

I would say if you were eyeing the original palette and were wary about the cream in that, go with this one. It is the same quality, same product – just mini and without the cream hassles.

A definite recommendation from my end!



Velvet Lip Glide Set – Mind Blown!

Normally I would have stopped at the Marc Jacobs “Up All Night” Mini Lip Creme’s! set that I got from Sephora, but there was no turning back after I swatched the 5 mini velvet lipglides by Nars that come in the Mind Game Holiday set featuring Sarah Moon.

The velvet lip glides were launched in 2016 and for all intents and purposes, they are glossy lipsticks in a liquid lipstick form. They are not long lasting or super matte but they are very comfortable and velvety on the lips. A full size retails for 145 AED on sephora.ae which I am not comfortable spending on a new formula – so this set was an easy way to try new colours as well as how they fare on my lips.


Needless to say, I am in love! By far the only comfortable liquid -lipstick I have are the Jouer ones – I ordered more! So these are a welcome addition to my collection for times when I want to wear something richer than a gloss which is not matte.

The outside packaging is swoon-worthy. I liked it overall – too bad the inside does not have anything except plastic housing the 5 lipglides. The product in each of the tubes is half of what you would get in a full-sized one, which makes it a steal price-wise. The scent is a light vanilla- nothing overpowering or artificial. The colours in this set are all autum/winter suitable- but then the thing is that they can be used lightly to mimic stains and berry looks so for me, they can be used whenever.


I also like the applicator – it’s a doefoot with flat sides which means there is no over deposition of product and its easier to line and swipe at the same time.


I find the texture and colors very flattering and very comfortable. Yes, they do not last long but they fade well and do not bunch up. They don’t accentuate cracks or dry lips and sort of dry down to a velvet finish. They are also easy to apply and layer and even mix up which makes it so so easy to make a custom colours. The reds do seem similar in colour, but then on the lips they do have sutble differences in tone and warmth.

The darker colours do streak a bit and may be patchy, but if you do thin layers, they are beautiful. Overall I find this set lovely and worth it. If you are still debating on it, just go and get it. It will be worth it.


Le Monarch by KVD..

Sephora in the UAE has stocked Kat Von D in the last few months and I have been fluttering over that counter everytime I am in the store. I know everyone raves about her Shade and Light eye palette, which is a darn good one – but I had not seen the other palettes of hers in store at all! When I searched online, it turned out that they may have been discontinued (which would explain their absence in Sephora). So, like the little obsessive freak I am, I hunted down the Monarch and Chrysallis Palettes – and ended up buying only the Monarch one because it appealed to me the most.


The outer package is beautifully designed by Kat and the same is reflected on the actual palette as well. The packaging of the palette is a strong cardboard which is travel friendly albeit a bit on the heavy side. There is a mirror as well, although I would not use it for myself. No brush as well, which is fine by me.


Here’s what the shadows look like. Their names are printed on the back of the box but I would still prefer to have them in the front – just for the sake of ease. The quality is beautiful – so buttery, creamy and blendable. They are very pigmented so it is easy to go heavy by mistake. There is also a bit of kick-off when you dip into the powders. But the quality is astounding. I am in love with this palette!

The colors themselves are divided into three quads – the warm on the left, the neutral on the right and the slightly cooler silvery version in the middle – but you can obviousy use them in any combination.

If you can find this palette, please get it. It is worth everything I spent on it and comes highly recommended from me.


Ambient Palette – Hourglass

This little number broke the internet when it was released. Sadly, Hourglass is not sold in the UAE (ranting inside at the injustice), but you can order it online from Glamazle or Alshop. Mine cost me nearly 275/- AED including shipping, and believe me I have been very happy with this purchase.

When it arrived, it was as beautiful as expected and an ideal way to travel with three powders in one palette. However, the packaging was a bit..too light plastic for what I paid. This basically means that it while it looked amazing and beautiful, it was not that luxurious or sturdy and till now I fully expect it to crack when I drop it. Also, this means that the powders inside will crack as well – it ain’t that good for travel if you are travelling rough, if you get my drift.


Once you open it, you have the three powders inside – Dim Light, Incandescent Light and Radiant Light (Left to Right) and a good quality mirror to go with them. The pans are decent sized and will accommodate most brushes which is good.


The powders are soft, buttery and go on extremely well on the skin. However, the product is so finely milled and delicate, even the softest brush causes quite a bit of kick-up. Of the three, I find Incandescent Light to be the most “highlighter-esque”  with shimmer in it, while still being amazing no doubt. My favourite brush to apply them with is Wayne Goss No. 2 from Beautylish. Here’s a close up of them.


My thoughts are that even though I think the packaging is crap (but good looking and chic) and the powders will shatter easily on slight impact, they are nonetheless extremely good quality. Hourglass seldom disappoints in delivering beautiful products. They are by no means setting powders offering oil control or anything else, they are finishing powders which means they go on in the end as a final touch. I cannot see a drastic visible difference when I use them on a full face of foundation; I know they are meant to mimic different light settings but still, it’s not like I apply them and suddenly everything is perfect.

However, I do love them on a BB cream or on bare skin, which is how I use them most days. My preferred way is to apply a light BB cream and then dust Dim Light over the center of the face, Radiant Light over the perimeters (as I would a bronzer) and Incandescent Light over the high-points (as I would a highlighter). In that respect, the powders really deliver. I can see them smoothing my face, blurring a lot of pores and giving me a beautiful radiance. You can even mix them to create your custom ambience. Dry patches, etc. will obviously not go away and if you are oily – please use a oil control primer / spray.

I will definitely repurchase and also order full size ones once I am done with these.