Looking Unfiltered -I

I love different components of face makeup – eye shadow, concealer, highlights and of course blushes!! Who doesn't love a beautiful rosy hue on the cheeks or a just bitten-by-cold flush?

This palette by Nars, the Unfiltered I, stole my heart because it had the Exhibit A blush (which is permanent, by the way) and that red made me want to have it. I may have "umm'd" and "aaah'd" too long, because it sold out on my local Sephora and I was told it ain't coming back.

But I found it in stock on Nordstrom and ordered it asap. It has such a beautiful packaging, I think they made it red to tell people "This has Exhibit A". I adore this packaging!

As you can see, it has 6 *almost* full size Nars blushes and highlighters/blush toppers – 5 are new and 1 is permanent / re-promoted. There is a big mirror as well which is great if you prefer to use that. The colour scheme in this palette as compared to Unfiltered II is very bold and versatile.

The texture is as high quality as you can expect from Nars. The darker and bolder blushes do stain the skin a bit and are quite long lasting. The pigment in them is amazing so a little goes a long way and they are easy to blend as well. I think a value of 295 AED for 6 powders (nearly full size) as compared to one blush / highlight for 165 AED makes it a steal.

Absolutely gorgeous. Definitely worth getting your hands on.

– xo

Color Pop Haul!

So apparently I had shifting to do.. and it was messed up and so all consuming that I did not even have the time to breathe!! Dramatic, but true and yet when I received the notification that Color Pop Cosmetics was giving free shipping world wide, my little heart fluttered. And we have a haul!
It is a well known brand on the internet and YouTube world but in the Emirates you can either buy it from their site or from Glamazle.

My order was the Nectar Collection and boy, am I glad to have it!!

Cute packaging as you can see and everything came intact. It did take 2 weeks plus to reach me and at one point I convinced myself that the order was lost!

I got the Knockout powder blush/highlight duo, a set of lippies and an eyeshadow palette.

Here’s a look at the goodies up close:

The Knockout Palette.

The eyeshadow collection “Blow Me Away”

You can actually remove the insert and make the palette into a Z palette kind of thing.

And, finally- the trio of lippies in mixed finishes. There’s an ultra matte (The Twirl), ultra satin (Likely) and ultra glossy (Up Do).

Well, I will be trying them and updating you guys, as usual. But I am impressed with what I have swatched and seen so far.

Definitely try them out when they have sales for good, affordable makeup!


Kat Von D Alchemist: Holographic Heaven!

I love Kat Von D powder and lip products – most of what I have tried are eye shadows and her liquid lipsticks- and the quality is amazing. The pigment, texture, payoff, lasting power – all are top notch. I tried layering them on other shadows and they looked BEAUTIFUL!!! Frankly, I had thought those swatches on her website were photo-shopped! But they do actually look exactly the same and are oh! So pigmented!! I am in love ❤


She recently released this gem of a palette – The Alchemist – which had 4 holographic powders to be used on the eyes, face, lips and body. And I wanted it so bad! Lucky for you, its now available in stores and on Sephora.ae for 140 AED. You are welcome!

The packaging is gorgeous. The outer cover as well as the actual palette have this beautiful art-work by Kat which is holographic! So when you throw away the outer cover – you can still see the beauty of the “holo” !


I know people have said it resembles the Moon Child ABH Glow Kit – but the texture is different. These are not glittery, but have a sort of glow in them. I know the product versus price ratio is not that great – but for the application/way of use and with the pigmentation – these are amazing and worth it.


You can swatch them in store and I would definitely recommend picking a backup because one of these is just not enough! I purchased my 2nd one recently too.

Do let me know what you think about these.


Wet n Wild Blushes @ Virgin Megastore!

I saw this dupe video by Jaime on how the Wet n Wild Blushes were dupes for higher end blushes and then some, I was sorely tempted to get my hands on them. But for the life of me, I could not find them online or in the popular stores which have makeup.

Thats when I found these beauties stocked at Virgin Megastore – and you actually get them for only 29 AED or even less as they keep having sales online and provide free shipping occasionally! Or like me, you can go in store and swatch and pick these up!

wnw blush.jpg

I picked the colurs Rose Champagne and Apricot in the middle – which I found I had nothing like in my *ahem* collection of blushes. I will not bore you with swatches – but these are beautiful. The formula is great and it lasts on the skin pretty longer than before. The amount of product you get is also very generous pan wise. They are also cruelty free – for those of you who prefer to make cosmetic choices based on animal testing or a lack of thereof.

If you are looking for any Wet n Wild products – Virgin Megastores would be the way to go!

Highly recommend if you don’t want to splurge!


The Mini Face Tartiest :D

Tarte is a brand that is very highly regarded when it comes to sensitive skin and the only things so far I had tried from them were their Amazonian Clay blushes in different holiday kits. They recently launched the Tartiest Range of cosmetics and one of the most buzzed about products was the highlight and contour palette. It however, had a cream contour and was more than what I wanted to spend on a palette which may react with my skin and had an unwanted cream! Tarte can be ordered on their website and is now available in Sephora stores and online!

Lo and behold, I was in the Sephora at Dubai Mall and I saw this last Pro Glow To Go mini of the palette at the till and added it to my purchase.


The packaging is a standard sturdy cardboard – very thin and sleek, which opens like a little book with a mirror on the left (ideal for touchups on the go) and 2 highlights (one pearl and one sand) and a bronzer/contour on the right. The powders are 2.3 g each and it retails for 100 AED. The full size is 5.0 g each with a value of 200 AED. Not the best value wise, but for someone who doesn’t reach for a full palette all the time – excellent. Get the full size if you need highlighters and don’t have a already big collection!



I am in love! The quality is amazing, the powders are fine and melt into the skin – the texture accentuation is minimal if you are worried about it – but use a light hand or it will react like any other powder and expose the terrain. The powders are also Cocoa scented which gives me Nutella cravings all the time!

I would say if you were eyeing the original palette and were wary about the cream in that, go with this one. It is the same quality, same product – just mini and without the cream hassles.

A definite recommendation from my end!



Holiday Skin Saviour – The Problem Solver!

It was the season of breaks from work, family coming over, parties and over indulging..and the time of the month combined with the stress of how to enjoy and do everything at the same time. It was fun, no seriously! I had a blast and what was a bonus was that my skin did not breakout as much as it normally would have – which was the main reason I could let go and enjoy more. I did not even use that much foundation this time – only a BB cream.

The credit for this goes to the May Lindstrom Problem Solver mud mask. It is highly recommended on Beautylish and Cult Beauty and even Tati gave it a rave review. The only thing upsetting about this is the price tag – 90USD and that made me weep a bit while I was ordering it. Luckily, the guys at Cult Beauty somehow sent me two separate packages of this –  I have no idea how!! So now, I have a backup when my current one runs out – after a decade I suppose!


The reason why I finally gave in was that the price versus quantity was a good ratio. Also, it has natural ingredients and comes in a powder form and won’t go bad or dry down like, say, the GlamGlow masks which are more expensive if you look at the price per quantity ratio. Let me give you the low down below:

Packaging wise it is luxurious. It comes in a plain black cardboard box and inside you have the heavy glass bottle with the lid. Feels sturdy but I will not be dropping it anytime soon! The only bummer I have is – it should have come with a scoop since it is a pain sometimes to measure out the powder and tilting the jar is a disaster of its own. I have put a small scooper there for this purpose.

The whiff that you get when you open the jar is a mix of cinnamon, clove, a hint of cocoa and some spiciness. It is a heating mask so I guess there is a bit of spiciness involved. The powder looks like dry clay but the fragrance is quite natural and not artificial.


To use, well here is where I differ from the rest of the negative reviews. I find it quite simple and not messy at all. You scoop a teaspoon full of this into a ceramic bowl / glass jar. Add a little bit of water at a time and mix with a brush ( I use the pointed foundation brush from Real Techniques). It WILL froth up and become a bit foamy and that is when you spread it all over your face and for me I take it down the neck as well.

They say to keep it on the face for 40 minutes, and I try to do that but if I am in a hurry, I wash it off after 20 minutes or when it is dry. It comes off very easily with water and the particles make it a bit scrubby too! It does make the sink messy but not like the mask sticks. It washes off easily.

When you apply it, it does turn warm and on some days the stinging is intense but it does diminish after a few minutes or so. Skin feels very smooth and bumps are reduced. It gives the skin a flushed healthy look. If you have dry skin just follow it up with a nice cream and you should be fine. Over a few days of usage (I use it every other day if I am expecting a breakout and use half the amount I would usually go for) pimples dry out, pores appear tight and clean and even blackheads are reduced.

For me this mask is a win and anyone who wants to invest in skincare should give it a try!


Le Monarch by KVD..

Sephora in the UAE has stocked Kat Von D in the last few months and I have been fluttering over that counter everytime I am in the store. I know everyone raves about her Shade and Light eye palette, which is a darn good one – but I had not seen the other palettes of hers in store at all! When I searched online, it turned out that they may have been discontinued (which would explain their absence in Sephora). So, like the little obsessive freak I am, I hunted down the Monarch and Chrysallis Palettes – and ended up buying only the Monarch one because it appealed to me the most.


The outer package is beautifully designed by Kat and the same is reflected on the actual palette as well. The packaging of the palette is a strong cardboard which is travel friendly albeit a bit on the heavy side. There is a mirror as well, although I would not use it for myself. No brush as well, which is fine by me.


Here’s what the shadows look like. Their names are printed on the back of the box but I would still prefer to have them in the front – just for the sake of ease. The quality is beautiful – so buttery, creamy and blendable. They are very pigmented so it is easy to go heavy by mistake. There is also a bit of kick-off when you dip into the powders. But the quality is astounding. I am in love with this palette!

The colors themselves are divided into three quads – the warm on the left, the neutral on the right and the slightly cooler silvery version in the middle – but you can obviousy use them in any combination.

If you can find this palette, please get it. It is worth everything I spent on it and comes highly recommended from me.