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Tarte’s Blurred Lines

I have heard so many people rave about the Tarte Smoothing primer, the one in the jar, that I had to order it to test it out. The one I ordered had the limited edition packaging as well. Alas, it did not look the same as on their website. I thought it was jewelled but… Continue reading Tarte’s Blurred Lines

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Eyeshadows – Customised by Buxom!

When I generally hear about Buxom it is mostly people drooling over their lip glosses- which are great; but not to someone who doesn't use plumping lipglosses- like me! So this not so interesting brand has become interesting to me because they launched their eyeshadows last year. I ordered them from Cult beauty where they… Continue reading Eyeshadows – Customised by Buxom!

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Lovin’ the First Light!

It blew the market up when it launched and everyone was talking about the beautiful primer Becca launched in the pale lilac colour! Aimed at brightening and making claims of changing a bad face day into a fresh face day - we have the Becca First Light Priming Filter Primer. Since it has not launched… Continue reading Lovin’ the First Light!

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Matte Rescue Benefits ;)

Even though the weather has changed in the UAE, it is still pretty warm and humid during the day. I have been wearing just the Laneige BB cushion with powder (without primers because I found that that increased my breakouts), and that's not cutting it for me. I don't get as much shiny as feel greasy.… Continue reading Matte Rescue Benefits 😉

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The Mattifying Glowy Meteorites!

What can I say, I am a sucker for Guerlain Primers. I have all of them, and even though they alone will last me ages, trust me, had there been one in the 2016 fall collection -  it would be mine!! I have discussed my love for the L'or Primer already. But I also have another love… Continue reading The Mattifying Glowy Meteorites!

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Because MUFE’s all ’bout that base!

I still remember the first time I tried a primer - it was a Rimmel London one in a blue and white tube - and I remember the reaction my face had to that primer till now! I never knew what primers were for, what use they had other than for people with skin issues (pores,… Continue reading Because MUFE’s all ’bout that base!

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Guerlain L’Or Primer – The L’ord of Primers

I typically don't wear jewellery - well, except the ring "Le Beau" gave me and everytime I don't wear it, I get the *stinky eye*. But there is one gold thang I have been slapping on my face like nothing - The Guerlain L'or Primer with flecks of real gold in it. To be honest, I would see… Continue reading Guerlain L’Or Primer – The L’ord of Primers