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Puff cups with avocado!

Guac is my absolute favourite food, but then you do get fed up of having it the same way all the time! At least I do! So here's an attempt to indulge in guacamole with a twist! You will need - freshly made guacamole, frozen puff pastry sheets (slightly defrosted by keeping outside), muffin tin… Continue reading Puff cups with avocado!

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The short – notice Strawberry Dessert.

My husband has a notorious sweet tooth and I have to be a little innovative on the dessert side. I saw this parfait recipe by Laura in the Kitchen on YT and tried it- it was amazing. I did some adjustments though, it isn't exactly like what she made! I mean all you need is… Continue reading The short – notice Strawberry Dessert.

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Croutons for your soup :)

I recently went to the Sheraton hotel in Corniche, Abu Dhabi for a dinner with Le Beaux and friends and fell in love with their "Spicy Crab Soup". More than that, it rekindled my love for soups, not just crab soup, and the add-ons that make them more tasty. Specifically, croutons- those yummy bread crisps that… Continue reading Croutons for your soup đź™‚