Cos RX- AHA BHA Toner – Breakout Killer!

As I have probably mentioned and cribbed about here, I have intensely sensitive, acne-prone – oily skin. And if you add hormonal acne to the mix – my skin is a mountainous paradise. Or was, actually! Ever since I went on the pill – it became better. But now that I am off the pill, I started to get a pimple or two around the time of the month. And I was scared that this would turn into a catastrophe!

But it did not.

Infact, my other pimple-type spots reduced and went away! And I realized that I only had these problems when I missed the most critical step (to me now!!) in my skincare routine. The toner – to be specific, the COS RX AHA BHA Clarifying Treatment Toner.


It was an impulse purchase – on Cult Beauty. What sealed the deal was that it was reasonably priced and had both AHA and BHA to treat acne prone skin. And it came in a spray- which I like over the ones you have to spill onto a cotton pad. Mostly its not that effective because the pad soaks it all up!

Now, a bit on AHA and BHA. AHA is what you need to exfoliate the dead skin on top. This will help in reducing texture and marks of previous pimples. BHA is what you need to clean the inside of the skin – pores and gunk and this reduces your chances of breakouts in the first place. AHA just cleans and rejuvenates the op layer to reveal glowing skin.

This product is not only cheap and a good bang for your buck, it is actually beautiful. The packaging is very nice – plastic bottle with a spray. And the spray is good, not that misty that most of it gets lost in the air. I just spray it on my face after I have cleansed it and mostly around my jawline and cheeks because that is where I breakout the most. Then with clean hands I spread it and pat it into my face where I have pores, pimple prone areas. Patting is key. Follow it up with SKII Essence and my Mizon Repair Cream (which you should use when your face is a bit wet – so you use less and it is not heavy and actually works).

My skin is clear as of now. Pores have reduced and there are no new pimples coming out. Highly recommend for people sharing my skin type. You cannot beat the price and the benefits of this!



SK(II)N Care for Me!

I was never much into skin care – baby lotion, calamine for breakouts and baby soap had me covered. But as I crossed 25, I realized it was not enough. I started reacting to things I would not react to, my skin became oilier and more sensitive and acne prone and I was a mess.

I heard a lot of good things about SKII products – they are a premium skin care line, but did not invest right away. The star product raved about is the Facial Treatment Essence but that was 700 AED for the bottle! One time, when my skin was at its worst, I decided enough was enough, and with my points and a discount code, managed to get the 500 ml Essence bottle and a kit with a 250 ml essence, a trial size Clear Treatment Lotion and a Mask to go with it for 650 AED.IMG_0010.JPG

I still haven’t tried the sheet mask till now. I have so many from Leader’s that I want to go through them first, before using this. The facial clear lotion came in a small plastic bottle, it felt just like water but when I rubbed it into my skin, it provided intense hydration. I could feel the texture change as I rubbed it in – no drastic change, just that it did not feel like water anymore, but like a watered lotion – which made it so easy for it to absorb into my skin.

The star for me was the raved about Facial Treatment Essence, which has their patented Pitera complex – God knows what that is, but it works. I usually cleanse my face with any facewash I have using my Foreo Luna, and after patting my face dry, take a tea spoon full of the Facial Essence between my palms and then pat it into the face and neck. It’s an expensive prouct, so I don’t want to use cotton pads with it – they soak up 70 percent of this and I want 100% of it on my skin, not being wasted! It has a peculiar scent, nothing intense and it does not linger. But it feels cooling and absorbs so fast, leaving the skin feeling hydrated and balanced and somehow “satisfied”.

My skin gradually cleared up and was not as oily as before. It feels cooled, hydrated but not tight or sticky. Absorbs fast in to the skin. I use it fairly regularly now (3-4 time a week) and everytime I do, I fall in love with this again. It does not aggravate my skin what so ever. When I have a bad breakout, I usually simplify my skincare and just use this and nothing else except maybe a light moisturizer for the day.

You can buy SKII from Glambox and use your Glampoints. I will repurchase as soon as I run out, that’s how staple this product is for me.

I recommend this highly, if you have the budget, or even if you want quality skincare.