Le Rose Quartz Bling

I have not posted in such a long time that it feels like I am not doing it right!!! Get a grip woman!!! So much more makeup has been launched that I fear for my wallet!

I really wanted to get my chubby fingers on the new Becca Light Chasers and such. But I resisted because they were not my cup of tea. I was also reminded of how I missed out on the limited edition Becca Rose Quartz, which was my cup of tea, and how badly I wanted it even now.

Recently, I happened to catch Olivia's (from livlovesmakeup on youtube) comparison of the Jouer Rose Quartz Highlighter to the Becca Rose Quartz one – they are dupes!! Whats more, she claimed that the consistency of the Jouer one was better than Becca and I was sold.
Thank me later!

The packaging is great although a fingerprint magnet. Also, the highlighters from Jouer much like Becca are very "buttery and delicate". They can shatter as easily.

The colour is beautiful and the consistency is like they claimed – butter! It feels like a cream but is a powder. There is no kick back when you dip your brush in it. Goes on smooth and does not sit on the skin or emphasise texture on the skin that much. The glow is delicate and can be built up too. The colour is very flattering and can be also used as a blush topper.

All in all, this is a very good buy for me. Jouer highlighters are also a bit more affordable but the quality is as high up as Becca, Urban Decay, etc.

Must recommend!!


Electric, discontinued!

Don’t you just hate it when brands pull out amazing products and then, suddenly for some reason- poof! Discontinued!! And I hate it even more when these are perfect products that don’t need any tweeking! 

The latest one to fall in this has been Urban Decay Electric Palette. I always wanted one and it was permanent so I figured I had time. No, I didn’t!! It has been sadly discontinued and if you are lucky, like me, the Sephora near you may have one or two last pieces they have stowed away. 

I love the packaging! It’s such a riot of beautiful colours. Never let it be said that Urban Decay skimps on packaging!!

The inside is also the same and the packaging js a sturdy plastic. It comes with a dual ended brush, standard of Urban Decay. I don’t think it would survive a fall since the eyeshadows are pressed pigments after all. 

The pigments are no less beautiful. Rich and buttery and can be built up so well. I have not experienced any fall out. The brush that comes is also nice enough to use and not throw away. 

It is such a good palette for accents and pops of colour. It would complement neutral palettes very well. Not only are the colours amazing, I find the finishes to be beautiful too. 

If you have it, pull it out and play with it, Summer is here!! If you don’t have it, fear not, Sugarpill is there too!

Super recommend!

PS: I have the Sleek Acid and Matte Neon Colour one. That is no dupe for this quality wise. 


A Vice Haul

I love my Urban Decay Lipsticks – no joke and no questions. I already had their Blackmail palette and wanted to get some more shades for fall because, why not! So I walked into Sephora and came out with these two new VICE Lipsticks.

Now I know that everyone’s about the fall colours and the berries and red and darks – but there was something in these colours that drew me to them and I thought to myself, this fall let’s be different!


The colours I got are Ravenswood and Manic – both from the Cream finish category.


Both are very creamy, slightly glossy on the lips and very comfortable. I chose creams although I am a fan of Mattes, because the cold is cracking my lips – and that ain’t cool by me. They feel hydrating and do not accentuate dry patches and lines on the lips making them look plump and full.

Ravenswood is a slighty warm plum. The shade is one swipe full color pay-off and extremely comfortable. It goes well with a multitude of looks and styles and does not accentuate texture and lines on the lips. It looks darker in the tube than it translates on the skin.


Manic on the other hand, is a slighty deeper and warmer version of Ravenswood and equally comforatble, pigmented and beautiful on the lips. It has a very slight rose-red tint to it and is described as a wine rose – although it is not as deep a color and can be a good substitute if you are not daring enough (or in my case your office doesn’t allow) to wear the deep darks and berries for fall.


So far, I am in love with the formula and would highly recommend these to anyone on the market for a new lipstick.


Bad Blood Revolution :D

It’s the season of reds – red’s all around. And because its celebration time, well, you need to look put together. Nothing says that better than a red lip – classic and elegant. If it is matte – even better.


One of my favourite brands Urban Decay – has a favourite matte deep red of mine – Bad Blood. The color is a deep red that looks fabulous on so many skin tones. It was originally in their Matte Revolution line which has now been relaunched as the Vice line. The lipstick is the same, however, the packaging has been upgraded.


The comfort matte formula is one of the best I have ever used. The pigmentation, application, finish and everything about this lipstick is top notch. There is no splotchiness, even pigmentation, one swipe intense color pay-off. And it stays comfortably matte on the lips for absolutely hours.


It even fades nicely  and does not do the crumbly, patchy wearing off in-between-dinner thing, too. So your lips stay all beautiful throughtout. Even if your lips are dry and crackly, this will not accentuate those features and smooth over the texture to give you a sexy, polished pout.

Thoroughly recommend this matte red for the fans of the classic red.

More recommendations to come, though.


The Urban BlackMail…

I admit I hoard Urban Decay Lipsticks. I wanted them all when the Revolution Mattes came out and I wanted them all over again when the Vice Lipsticks were recently launched. I am glad I waited till the Holiday’16 collections came out though, because the UD Vice Lipstick Palette in BlackMail was all I wanted! Although I heard it being called an Ulta exclusive everywhere, it is currently available on Nordstrom for 35.00 USD (although don’t get me started on the shipping fee by Borderfree to UAE- horrible horrible!!!)

The palette holds 12 shades of their permanent Vice Lipsticks in 4 finishes – from Mattes to Sheers and all in betweeners. Urban Decay has another palette out as well – Junkie – but that one is too outspoken for me. I work in a corporate office where I don’t believe my managment would appreciate a dark green / lilac lipstick. But if you like that, rock it – to each his own. Value wise you are getting 12 shades to sample by paying a little more than what you would for 2 full lipsticks, which is excellent. As per Temptalia’s review of UD Blackmail Palette, the consistency and finish is all the same as their regular line which is highly appreciated!

I like the overall layout of the palette. The packaging is sturdy. I like that they have included a flap on top which says “Lipstick is my Vice” so that you don’t mess the lipsticks by mistake if you are using the palette’s mirror for makeup. Also, the brush is a bonus – it is not that soft. I was surprised by how stiff it was when I dug into Ex Girlfriend with it and it basically dented that. But  I have to say, it works well to line your lips. If it was flimsy, I would not have been able to do that for sure. viceblkmail4.jpg

Aside from that, the only downfall I see with this palette is that, well not many people actually use palettes all that often!!! It is more convenient to take one tube and chuck it in the purse / clutch / pocket and move around! However, I love that this palette gives me options to try when I know I cannot / do not want to commit to a full size lipstick yet without seeing how it looks on me or trying the formula / finish out. I also like the fact that you can mix shades to create a custom shade – which makes the full size ones messy, to be honest. I can also carry this with me for travel, and not worry about lids coming off inside makeup bags, losing one tube or forgetting them somewhere. It’s also hygenic for me, because I hate it when people ask to share that tube of lipstick. Bet no one’s sharing this 😀


I am in love with this palette, and I am also going to buy a couple more full size ones, because the formula is that good!!

A trip to Sephora is due.