Lovin’ the First Light!

It blew the market up when it launched and everyone was talking about the beautiful primer Becca launched in the pale lilac colour! Aimed at brightening and making claims of changing a bad face day into a fresh face day – we have the Becca First Light Priming Filter Primer.


Since it has not launched in Sephora UAE yet, you can get this from Cult Beauty online.


It came in the standard Becca packaging- similar to its predecessor – The Backlight Priming Filter. The bottle is a frosted glass which feels heavy, luxurious, well made and with a pump to dispense. Again, this is in line with the Backlight they lauched before. Size is a standard 1 ounce.


One of the most intriguing things about this product is the colour. It is a pale purple- almost pastel colour. And it comes out the same way on the skin. It actually smells nice and fresh like a sweet lemonade. Once you spread the primer though, it sinks into the skin in a few minutes and there is no purple tinge left on the skin.


Here’s my review on this:

Packaging/smell: I like the packaging. It is actually nice. The smell is a bit sweet citrus and may bother some of you, to me it was fine and it softens as the product sinks into the skin.

Performance: I love this primer. It works beautiful as a base for my oily skin as well. I find that the primer spreads nicely – you need only 1 pump for the entire face and neck. Also, it does appear to leave a cast on the face – but let it sink in for around 2 minutes and that will be gone. My skin always looks brighter, plumper as if it just had a big drink of moisture. It makes me look less tired and dehydrated. I do go over this with the MUFE mattifying primer in areas I get oily, but thats because I live in a very hot and humid place. If you are staying indoors, only this as a base and a mattifying seting powder should be fine.

The trick here is to use only a pump and let it sink in. Dry skinned girls would love it too! Some days I just wear this and the MUFE primer with no foundation, only a bronzer-blush and I am fine! I have received compliments on the glow this gives.

Definitely a recommendation!



Yes High-Liners, No Glitter – please!!

I have wanted to try the Marc Jacobs High Liners for a long while, and I recently bought this trio set of miniatures from Sephora to try the black, brown and copper liner mini’s to determine if I even wanted to invest in the full size ones.


The packaging is typical luxurious Marc Jacobs – all metal and twist up and sturdy. You can feel the quality of packaging. The colours in this set were also very neutral and everyday wear appropriate. There is also a good amount of product in the liners. In this set there was 1 matte (Black), 1 slightly sheeny (Brown) and 1 glittery (Copper).


The consistency is on par with the full size High Liners. They are highly pigmented, creamy and set quickly, so last long and don’t tug on your waterline a lot. Even for me, with my watery eyes, they last atleast 4 to 5 hours – which is amazing. They don’t dry out so easily as well – but sometimes the entire kohl just falls out in a stick – and it has happened with only the glittery copper one which I hate anyway.


It is a good value set to try – the colors are neutral, everyday appropriate. The texture as I said, is amazing. I would steer clear of the glitter ones if your eyes are even slightly sensitive as my water line as well as my eyelid reacted to the glitter and gave me swollen eyes for a week. Even a Sephora MUA at Yas Mall agreed and said she had the same reaction.

Choose between this neutral set, or the other mini set that they have with beautiful colorful liners – and try out this line. I would also be trying the new matte liners that they launched recently. They are comparable to the MUFE aqualiners but not quite as long lasting.

A good value in my opinion and worth trying out.


The best lip gloss topper!

I never like lip glosses..never!! But then, I have never seen so many lip glosses on the market being tossed around as “awesome” and “everything”, it made me curious. I had a set of Estee Lauder around 6 years back, and I never used them that much.

The kind of lipgloss everyone seems to like is the light peachy golden sparkly one..and while Marc Jacobs Sugar Sugar sounds wonderful, I am not on board with spending around 200 AED on something I am not sure whether I will like or not.

Searching for a cheaper, similar option led me to browse Sephora brand and well, I found a gloss I use bloody everyday! Alone and over liquid lipsticks also! And it is sooo good!


Let me introduct you to Sephora brand gloss in the color “Sand”. Onto the review:

Packaging is very standard for glosses. But the tube does not feel cheap or anything. It feels very high end luxe. The wand is also a good ol’ hourglass shape and you don’t really get product gooped all around the wand, so you can control the amount of gloss you want.


The texture is a sticky gloss- peachy in colour and with golden sparkles. You can never feel the sparkles and because it is a bit sticky, it lasts a long time. It gives a beautiful sheen on the lips and makes them look pouty. The scent is a wonderful light vanilla – and I do not mind that at all.

All in all, beautiful gloss to have. Very highly recommend.








The Mini Face Tartiest :D

Tarte is a brand that is very highly regarded when it comes to sensitive skin and the only things so far I had tried from them were their Amazonian Clay blushes in different holiday kits. They recently launched the Tartiest Range of cosmetics and one of the most buzzed about products was the highlight and contour palette. It however, had a cream contour and was more than what I wanted to spend on a palette which may react with my skin and had an unwanted cream! Tarte can be ordered on their website and is now available in Sephora stores and online!

Lo and behold, I was in the Sephora at Dubai Mall and I saw this last Pro Glow To Go mini of the palette at the till and added it to my purchase.


The packaging is a standard sturdy cardboard – very thin and sleek, which opens like a little book with a mirror on the left (ideal for touchups on the go) and 2 highlights (one pearl and one sand) and a bronzer/contour on the right. The powders are 2.3 g each and it retails for 100 AED. The full size is 5.0 g each with a value of 200 AED. Not the best value wise, but for someone who doesn’t reach for a full palette all the time – excellent. Get the full size if you need highlighters and don’t have a already big collection!



I am in love! The quality is amazing, the powders are fine and melt into the skin – the texture accentuation is minimal if you are worried about it – but use a light hand or it will react like any other powder and expose the terrain. The powders are also Cocoa scented which gives me Nutella cravings all the time!

I would say if you were eyeing the original palette and were wary about the cream in that, go with this one. It is the same quality, same product – just mini and without the cream hassles.

A definite recommendation from my end!



Huda Beauty Liquid Matte Mini Fail

I have heard a lot of buzz around the Huda Beauty Liquid lipsticks..and while they are a 100 AED per piece on Sephora, I was not that into buying them till I saw their mini lip-kits in Brown, Nude, Pink and Red release. Better value, much to try – so here I am.


I bought the Brown Mini Kit with the shades Trendsetter, Flirt, Spice Girl and Vixen. I liked the colours, although they do change depending on the pigmentation of your lips. On me the shades are daker than in the tubes. A bit of foundation on the lips should take care of that, no doubt. The bottles each have 1.9ml of product and the price is better on CultBeauty than Sephora UAE.


And here’s what I think of them –

Packaging: The bottle is a frosted glass and weighted, feels nice. But they are crap inside packaging wise. I hope to God the full size ones aren’t like this, but I am not willing to even try. The stopper does not work! It means that unlike a Jouer or Anastasia liquid lippie, where you pull out the wand, the stopper squeezes the wand a bit so there is no over coating – it does not happen here. The wand is generic as per liquid lipstick standards. It is also always overloaded. The stopper also stops the liquid lipstick from flowing out like water, isn’t it? Try and invert them by mistake when they are open to check the lipstick name – it will drizzle on your clothes. It has happened to me twice before and also right now, as I picked one to try and wanted to check the shade. Not a fan!


Texture: The smell is quite strong and artificial vanilla. You can smell it as soon as you open the tube to apply and it lingers a bit till they dry. They are very liquid-ish in texture – akin to rubbing thin glosses on your lips. You do need to scrape the excess off because it will be goopy and messy. It goes on well and feels comfortable althougha bit dry. The colours dry down different than what is initially applied depending on how pigmented your lips are.

Longevity: What longevity? I wore all these shades to office and within 3 hours of applicaion – gone. I only had the outer rim left but the fade was even and there was no crumbling so I guess that was a bonus. Better to not eat or drink with them on. They take around 2 minutes to dry in a thin layer – till then you will get a transfer- but its minimal.

All in all, not that keen on going and buying all. I much prefer my Jouer ones (need to write about them here)  and Anastasia ones to these. Try one before you go bonkers about the colours would be my advise, and the mini kits are always a better option.




Emma Hardie Cleansing Balm <3

I know I have oily acne prone skin and using a heavy balm cleanser is the last thing I should be doing, but trust me, it works. Choosing a good cleanser is important and it depends on preference – facewash/creme (without or with a face cleansing tool), cleansing oil, or the cleansing balm with muslin cloth. My favourite is the Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing Balm. I ordered it from Cult Beauty in a set of 150gms which came with 3 Emma Hardie wash cloths as well.


The three jars I got were 50 gms each, in a plasic packaging so I was not worried about them breaking apart. I absolutely and utterly HATE the lids. After 2 weeks of using my first jar, the lid came apart. The golden shiny part of the lid is actually a foiled insert. The plastic of the lid will crack, no matter what you do to prevent it. The insert will then keep getting stuck or popping out and the foil goes EVERYWHERE in chunks. It does not even come off your hands that easily. The packing is a horror.


The product though, absolutely beautiful and the best in my opinion. I should compose sonnets on it, but I suck at poetry. The texture is soft and slightly gritty. You do feel little gritty lumps when you massage it in, but they are not harsh at all. The colour is a light yellow and the scent is a divine moringa- which is similar to the cleasning Nip+Fab Oil, but unlike that, this does not sting the eyes or cloud them over. The balm melts into a beautiful oil as you rub it onto your face. I had read that the balm is called a sculpting balm because it is also meant to be used as a facial massage balm and is quite anti-ageing and firming.

At present this is what I have left. I have finished all 3 jars I had, and am going to order more!


This is my relaxing therapy. I apply it directly onto dry skin. After rubbing it in for a minute or two, I take a muslin cloth under hot water, wring it out and then lay it over my face. That way my pores open and the balm can deep clean. I massage the balm a little once again and then again with a warm damp muslim cloth, remove it off. It comes off pretty easily; there is no residue or oily layer. My skin feels clean, hydrated and yet not oily.

I generally use the balm after my micellar water, so the makeup (or what little I wear) has already come off. If I have makeup on, I will do this step on my second cleanse so that I do not reclog my pores. It gives the skin a wonderful glow and removes all traces of makeup. Dry skinned people I know also love it, so basically it suits all skin types.

No matter your skin type, age, whether you wear make up or not or whatever, cleansing the face is so important. In fact, if you skip or don’t do it properly, your skin suffers and it shows. If you want to try a cleansing balm, or a new method to treat your skin, give the EH Cleansing Balm a go.



Sephora X Chaotic Top Coat

What can be better than nail polish you ask? A Nail topper ofcourse!!

I hardly wear nailpolish these days. I have no time and I am so stressed I start peeling it off my nails in office. Not good I know, but cannot help it.

When I wore nailpolish the last time, I decided to play it up and use a recent purchase – The Formula X Chaotic Top Coat. It is basically minute black and white chunks in various shapes that are suspended in a clear polish for lack of a better explaination. I put this on a white polish and loved it.


I have used it on different nail polishes I have – particularly pastels, light colours, bright pastels- you get the point. And it looks beautiful every time. It does get a bit hard to remove, but Sephora Glitter Polish removed does get it off easily.


I would recommend you try this, just for fun or to spice up a manicure that may look like it needs a pick-me-up!