Electric, discontinued!

Don’t you just hate it when brands pull out amazing products and then, suddenly for some reason- poof! Discontinued!! And I hate it even more when these are perfect products that don’t need any tweeking! 

The latest one to fall in this has been Urban Decay Electric Palette. I always wanted one and it was permanent so I figured I had time. No, I didn’t!! It has been sadly discontinued and if you are lucky, like me, the Sephora near you may have one or two last pieces they have stowed away. 

I love the packaging! It’s such a riot of beautiful colours. Never let it be said that Urban Decay skimps on packaging!!

The inside is also the same and the packaging js a sturdy plastic. It comes with a dual ended brush, standard of Urban Decay. I don’t think it would survive a fall since the eyeshadows are pressed pigments after all. 

The pigments are no less beautiful. Rich and buttery and can be built up so well. I have not experienced any fall out. The brush that comes is also nice enough to use and not throw away. 

It is such a good palette for accents and pops of colour. It would complement neutral palettes very well. Not only are the colours amazing, I find the finishes to be beautiful too. 

If you have it, pull it out and play with it, Summer is here!! If you don’t have it, fear not, Sugarpill is there too!

Super recommend!

PS: I have the Sleek Acid and Matte Neon Colour one. That is no dupe for this quality wise. 


Tarte Clay Pots <3

Tarte is touted as a natural, sensitive skin friendly brand. And their products are truly amazing. When surfing their Website I came across the “sale” section and saw that their Claypot cream shadow/liners’ were on a discount and I had had an additional code.. so some damage happened.

These retail for 102AED on Sephora but I got them for around 59 bucks a piece.. which is great all things considered.

These are so cute.. but the package is a bit misleading. The actual containers are pretty small- similar to the Maybelline gel liner one. The colors I got are very.. pastel/bright – mint, lilac, teal, yellow- because I wanted them as bases also, for my Kat Von D Pastel Goth Palette. 

The over all consistency is very creamy and emolient. The pigment is rich and consistent. They go on smooth and can be layered and once they are dry- they do not budge!! That is amazing considering I live in a humid place. 

These are beautiful as liners and eyeshadow bases both. They don’t seem to dry out fast but it is always advised to keep the lids tightly screwed on. I just love using them as pops of colour as well. They are so multi purpose that I really think they are a worthy purchase.

PS- Shipping from Tarte was great and they came packaged well. 


Kat Von D Alchemist: Holographic Heaven!

I love Kat Von D powder and lip products – most of what I have tried are eye shadows and her liquid lipsticks- and the quality is amazing. The pigment, texture, payoff, lasting power – all are top notch. I tried layering them on other shadows and they looked BEAUTIFUL!!! Frankly, I had thought those swatches on her website were photo-shopped! But they do actually look exactly the same and are oh! So pigmented!! I am in love ❤


She recently released this gem of a palette – The Alchemist – which had 4 holographic powders to be used on the eyes, face, lips and body. And I wanted it so bad! Lucky for you, its now available in stores and on Sephora.ae for 140 AED. You are welcome!

The packaging is gorgeous. The outer cover as well as the actual palette have this beautiful art-work by Kat which is holographic! So when you throw away the outer cover – you can still see the beauty of the “holo” !


I know people have said it resembles the Moon Child ABH Glow Kit – but the texture is different. These are not glittery, but have a sort of glow in them. I know the product versus price ratio is not that great – but for the application/way of use and with the pigmentation – these are amazing and worth it.


You can swatch them in store and I would definitely recommend picking a backup because one of these is just not enough! I purchased my 2nd one recently too.

Do let me know what you think about these.


My Modern Renaissance…

Everyone’s been blazin’ on this. palette – EVERYONE! I figured, as it is I am on a Anastasia roll with the glow kits and what not, so why not order this as well. It was like makeup and history in one palette! I got mine from Cult Beauty for 165.00 AED, thinking it was a limited edition- it’s permanent! And that makes me so happy, because if I ended up liking it ( I love it!!), I don’t have to worry about not being able to repurchase it. Here’s what the palette looks like –


This was my eyeshadow palette purchase after a long time. The last one I bought was the NARS Dual Intensity (before Nars launched in Sephora UAE), and I was so looking forward to it after all the reviews and videos I saw dedicated to it. The packaging is a lilac suede fabric with the name of the palette in white – same colors as on the outer box. The packaging is sturdy but the fabric will get dirty over time, I am sure.


It comes with the per usual mirror for application ease and for once, a good quality dual ended brush. I shall not throw this one out!

The colors are a nice mix of matte and shimmers – both surprisingly of good quality. It does run a litte warm and pink with the Golden Ochre, Raw Sienna, Burnt Orange, Realgar and the Red Ochre, Love Letter and Venetian shades. There’s also taupes (Warm Taupe and Cyprus Umber), golds (Vermer and Primavera), a bronze (Antique Bronze), along with the bone coloured Tempera (for the brow bone).


The eyeshadows are soft and buttery, nearly creamy in a powder form and highly pigmented. The pink shades stained my hands when I swatched and blended them which is something to note. I have not used them that much to comment on their longevity – but based on reviews and judjing from the quality- it will definitely be a long wear shadow. If you have oily lids like me, I would still use a mattifying eye primer and set with powder before beginning my look.

Be careful with the application – tap and go and start from less and work your way to more would be my suggestion, unless you know how to handle highly pigmented eyeshadows. The creamy nature of the eyeshadow formula is maybe the reason why there is not a high kick off when I dipped my brush in – unlike the LORAC shadows, although the quality is definitely high up there with the other high end brands.

I am super happy with my purchase, and if you haven’t bought it yet, it’s worth checking out.