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Puff cups with avocado!

Guac is my absolute favourite food, but then you do get fed up of having it the same way all the time! At least I do! So here's an attempt to indulge in guacamole with a twist! You will need - freshly made guacamole, frozen puff pastry sheets (slightly defrosted by keeping outside), muffin tin… Continue reading Puff cups with avocado!

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The short – notice Strawberry Dessert.

My husband has a notorious sweet tooth and I have to be a little innovative on the dessert side. I saw this parfait recipe by Laura in the Kitchen on YT and tried it- it was amazing. I did some adjustments though, it isn't exactly like what she made! I mean all you need is… Continue reading The short – notice Strawberry Dessert.


Avocado Beef Sorta Fajita Tacos

My husband likes food of all kinds. But since we were out Thursday, we were so tired and hungover, I didn't want to cook anything heavy. Plus these Indian flatbread (chapati) wraps are tasty and not as drippy and messy and were a breeze to make! On scouting the kitchen, I figured I could make… Continue reading Avocado Beef Sorta Fajita Tacos