Palmers Coconut Mask

Palmers Coconut Hair Mask

Is probably what saved my hair after my trip overseas. I usually use baby shampoo, sadly there was none with me and lo behold! My hair was dry, brittle and such a ragged mess, I did not even know what to do with it! I hate conditioner so maybe it was partially my fault- my… Continue reading Palmers Coconut Hair Mask

Charcoal purifying mask, Hask, Masks

Hask – The Charcoal Hair Mask

I made the title rhyme - this is such a major indicator of my intelligence. Anyway, I have found a new mask for my withering hair . I have been staying in Dubai for the past few weekends, and as enjoyable as it is, my hair suffers there. I think it is the water. I… Continue reading Hask – The Charcoal Hair Mask