Electric, discontinued!

Don’t you just hate it when brands pull out amazing products and then, suddenly for some reason- poof! Discontinued!! And I hate it even more when these are perfect products that don’t need any tweeking! 

The latest one to fall in this has been Urban Decay Electric Palette. I always wanted one and it was permanent so I figured I had time. No, I didn’t!! It has been sadly discontinued and if you are lucky, like me, the Sephora near you may have one or two last pieces they have stowed away. 

I love the packaging! It’s such a riot of beautiful colours. Never let it be said that Urban Decay skimps on packaging!!

The inside is also the same and the packaging js a sturdy plastic. It comes with a dual ended brush, standard of Urban Decay. I don’t think it would survive a fall since the eyeshadows are pressed pigments after all. 

The pigments are no less beautiful. Rich and buttery and can be built up so well. I have not experienced any fall out. The brush that comes is also nice enough to use and not throw away. 

It is such a good palette for accents and pops of colour. It would complement neutral palettes very well. Not only are the colours amazing, I find the finishes to be beautiful too. 

If you have it, pull it out and play with it, Summer is here!! If you don’t have it, fear not, Sugarpill is there too!

Super recommend!

PS: I have the Sleek Acid and Matte Neon Colour one. That is no dupe for this quality wise. 


Color Pop Haul!

So apparently I had shifting to do.. and it was messed up and so all consuming that I did not even have the time to breathe!! Dramatic, but true and yet when I received the notification that Color Pop Cosmetics was giving free shipping world wide, my little heart fluttered. And we have a haul!
It is a well known brand on the internet and YouTube world but in the Emirates you can either buy it from their site or from Glamazle.

My order was the Nectar Collection and boy, am I glad to have it!!

Cute packaging as you can see and everything came intact. It did take 2 weeks plus to reach me and at one point I convinced myself that the order was lost!

I got the Knockout powder blush/highlight duo, a set of lippies and an eyeshadow palette.

Here’s a look at the goodies up close:

The Knockout Palette.

The eyeshadow collection “Blow Me Away”

You can actually remove the insert and make the palette into a Z palette kind of thing.

And, finally- the trio of lippies in mixed finishes. There’s an ultra matte (The Twirl), ultra satin (Likely) and ultra glossy (Up Do).

Well, I will be trying them and updating you guys, as usual. But I am impressed with what I have swatched and seen so far.

Definitely try them out when they have sales for good, affordable makeup!


Having the “Custard”!

Since the dawn of NARS in UAE – which is probably this year itself – I have been skitting around a product that everyone has been talking about. I will not say “obsessed” because the word has been really overly used and abused. Everyone is obsessed about everything. *Shakes head*

Among the list of things I wanted to try from this brand, was the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealor. I somehow get panicked when it is time for the SA at makeup counters in Sephora to shade-match me – which obvously is needed! Duh! So I went there this past week and in the mini section near the till, I found samples of the Nars Concealor. I had peviously determined, myself, that Custard would suit me as Honey oxidized on me a teeny bit. For 65.00 AED, it was a perfect trial size sample.


The consistency is very thick, not goopy. I find that it is best to work one eye at a time when I use it for undereye concealing as it sets pretty fast and then its nearly impossible to blend, becomes patchy and tugs really bad when I attempt to do smooth it out. I only need one swipe on each undereye and then I blend it out with a brush and set it immediately with my powder. I find the doefoot applicator deposits the correct amount in one swipe for each eye, and is very soft – so doesn’t hurt the skin there or tug at it.


Another thing to note is that I don’t like this with a BeautyBlender. I much prefer a brush because the sponge sheers it out and then it starts to look ashy over my blue/purple undereyes. It does cover blesmishes very well and even conceals redness. If you get a lighter shade, it would be amazing for highlighting purposes.


It does tend to make my undereyes look very dry sometimes. But all concealors do that, so I cannot complain much. I like this product, but the application needs to be done part by part on the face as it sets fast, especially under the eyes. It has excellent coverage and once set properly, doesn’t crease or budge. It works with all my Guerlain and MUFE Primers quite well.

It is good, but it’s not HG status for me yet. We shall see.


The Mattifying Glowy Meteorites!

What can I say, I am a sucker for Guerlain Primers. I have all of them, and even though they alone will last me ages, trust me, had there been one in the 2016 fall collection –  it would be mine!!

I have discussed my love for the L’or Primer already. But I also have another love – The Light Diffusing Perfector Meteorites Perles. I bought it a while back, so it is in the old packaging. Boy! Does it feel like luxury! The bottle is glass with a silver lid – quite heavy and substantial. You get the standard 1 ounce of product which appears to be beautiful pearls suspended in a serum.


One pump dispenses a crushed pearl mixed with serum – it fascinated Le Beaux so much, he has been sort of waiting for the bottle to finish so he can tear it apart, and encouraging *egging* me to use it more. It costs 390 AED in Sephoras’ across UAE; but less than 250 AED in Duty Free.


It absorbs into the skin pretty quickly, yet feels like perfumed water on the skin. It is so light and melts right in, and feels a bit firming as well. The scent is Parma Violet – as always – but it doesn’t linger. Skin is mattified and rendered glowy – there is little shimmer which does get covered up if you use a heavy base, so I don’t really care for the glowy part unless I am wearing a light BB Cream.


Even on it’s own, it’s beautiful – with a bit of liquid bronzer and mascara. Perfection for those natural days and no makeup days. If you are very oily, you may need to powder a bit, which is the only downside – no oil control. I love it, even then!



Because MUFE’s all ’bout that base!

I still remember the first time I tried a primer – it was a Rimmel London one in a blue and white tube – and I remember the reaction my face had to that primer till now! I never knew what primers were for, what use they had other than for people with skin issues (pores, texture, etc.) to cover those up before appling foundation.

Now, I am enlightened! I now realize that you need primer for prepping your face – you don’t only need it to cover issues; and primers aren’t just for smoothing – they are for color correcting, illuminating, nourishing and what not! I tried a lot of primers to whittle down my selection throughout last year. By far the only two PRIMER primers (marketed as primers as opposed to “you can use it under foundation as primer” products) that haven’t wrecked havoc are the Make Up For Ever Step 1 Skin Equalizers and Becca Backlight Priming Filter (previously reviewed through sample here).MUFE1.JPG

I went to the MUFE Store in Yas Mall where the lady recommended the MUFE Step 1 in Caramel and the MUFE HD Concealor / Corrector in R32 for my dark circle issues. I have been dabbling a little into color correcting before concealing and these are a perfect combination.

There is minimal creasing and my under-eyes look fresh. Little is more with these products. The Caramel Corrector is pigmented but blends very smoothly and without causing orange under-eyes.

Further, not leaving the face aside, I wanted to try the Step 1 Skin Base’s in Smoothing and Mattifying. I have some lines under my eyes which I wanted to cover using the Smoothing Primer and I wanted the Mattifying one for oil control, but not wanting to shell out the 160 AED for 2 more big tubes, I found the sample sizes in Sephora and went for them.

The Smoothing one is very silicone-y and would fill in pores, very fine lines and other texture issues very well. My favourite is the Mattifying Primer because it does mattify my face oh so well that I require minimal touch up. It can also be used to make any cream lipstick matte by dabbing it onto the lips gently using a finger. I find that if I use a lot of it, the primer balls up and can make my skin appear very parched and dry. But if you are oily, especially in the humid weather in the UAE, this is brilliant and the small size means I can carry it with me and dab it onto my face for a touch up if I am very oily – that works excellent as well! Even the Smoothing primer can be used to touch up over foundation, which makes these bases a must have for me!

This is definitely a product I shall repurchase when I run out of it!


La Prairie Cellular Loose Powder

Have you ever powdered so much that it looked like a baking class gone wrong? GUILTY! I have oily skin, so I do powder pretty much everytime whether its over a foundation or a BB Cream. As I keep powdering my face through the day, I get that weird cake-face look and it just feels so heavy that I cannot bear it one bit! It’s so hard to find that ONE powder that will make you look flawless and mattify, set and blur in one go without looking heavy.

I have found my holy grail in the La Prairie Cellular Loose Powder in Transclucent 02. I heard about this from Tati on one of her WTF videos – the powder was amazing but it is so exxxpenseeeeev!!  At 100 USD or here in UAE, at 408 AED (from TRYANO in Yas Mall), it works out well at a per ounce cost, but it is still up there in price.


The box it comes in is so shiny, ironic that it is a mattifying, setting product. You do get 2.0 oz of product for the hefty price- plus a smaller travel case prefilled with 0.2 oz of powder for on the go. That makes the sting feel a bit better price-wise, since you do get a lot and it also has skincare benefits in it.

The travel size is packed on top of the big sized jar; both are plastic with a heavy top- the packaging is sturdy and thankfully, less hazardous than if it was glass.The containers  are almost similar – both jars have flip tops and a sifter that can be locked and unlocked. Both come with their own puffs for using the powder and both their lids can be unscrewed for using without a sifter (or refilling). The bigger jar just comes with a spoon-ish thing for making refilling the travel size easier without wasting product.

It comes in 3 shades – 00, 01 and 02. I have not seen 00 anywhere except the main website for La Prairie. I was told by the ladies at TRYANO at 01 will be too light for me (as I have warm undertones. I saw Temptalia’s review on this and her skintone matches mine and she said 02 would be better for her) and so I went with 02. It is also the most sold shade in the United Arab Emirates.


This is an amazing powder for the face. It is extremely finely milled and feels like nothing on the skin. It sets your makeup, excellent if you bake as it never looks heavy or settles into lines and pores or makes your skin look dry and wrinkled. It has a slight blurring and brightening effect. Blends out like a dream and I feel it has a sheer coverage as well, so perfect to use on BB creams. There is a slight fragrance reminiscent of Guerlain, strangely, the violet scent that is, but it is very faint where it will not cause any issues. It boats skin care and anti-ageing benefits as well, but I have not been using it that long to give an opinion on that.

The travel size is what I have been using for some days now and applying with the puff included (pressing it into the skin and dusting the excess away) as I feel that is what works best for my oil control and my makeup setting requirements. Even the travel size will last me for a long time as a little goes a long way, so I have decided that for me, it was a worthy investment.

Definitely check it out in TRYANO- there are no testers which is the one downside – but if you are very fair go for 01, else light/medium and above can try 02.



Lips(tick) like a Queen

I love lipsticks, not the liquid ones- my lips HATE’em– but the good ol’ bullet roll up and apply ones. I have tried a lot of brands, but one of my favourites is Poppy King’s Lipstick Queen! I found out about the brand from YouTube after Poppy launched the Endless Summer Collection and promptly ordered them. I have almost finished them all, thus this particular order.

As we know, they don’t sell Lipstick Queen in Abu Dhabi – only online! And the prices –  I can’t even! I have found them to be stocked on Cult Beauty and FeelUnique, but by the time they come to me in the summer heat, I am scared that there won’t be anything left of them. Locally, sites like Alshop, Glambox and MarkAVip stock them. The best price is on MarkaVip and they have additional discounts as well so you can get one for around 70AED which is better than 125AED on the other sites – plus its free shipping. Sweet! They just take longer to ship, which is fine by me at this price point! All six came beautifully and securely packaged.
Here are the beauties I ordered – IMG_0049.JPG

To answer the mystery of the different coloured bullets: Typically, LQ lipsticks were either
– Saints (Sheer- 10% pigment) in the golden bullets, or
– Sinners (Opaque – 90% pigment) in the black bullets
Over a course of time, she released more lines, one of which is the Butterfly Ball line which has iridescence to mimic a butterfly’s wings- or something similar!- and this has the deep lilac purple packaging. The best way to try these lipsticks, if you are a new, are their sets which are quite economical. They feel akin to Dior Addict lipsticks, which I have an extremely unhealthy obsession with, these are more balmy. All are moisturizing with a very comfortable feel on the lips.

Here are the individual lipsticks I ordered –

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I also ordered the set of three lipstikcs in the Lip Nouveau kit because I wanted the Saint Berry and Sinner Red in there. I do not like shimmery or holographic lipsticks but the Butterfly Ball lipstick Fly in set this surprised the heck out of me. Here’s the slideshow for that as well for easy viewing-

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

My over all thoughts- pure unadulterated love, I absolutely love them!! The bullets are metallic, feel sturdy and have a clamp to secure (not magnetic). I occasionally find droplets or condensation on the bullet, but that is natural as they have oils in them for that ultra luxurious feel.
Saints – I like them because they are sheer but pigmented, glossy looking and balmy but not heavy. They moisturize your lips hiding any dryness, texture and fade nicely while leaving a slight stain which only makes your lips look healthier, plumper and more perfect. There is no scent or taste which I highly appreciate. So easy to apply, and very low maintenance.
Sinner –These are the ones to go for if you prefer high impact colors and in a single swipe, comfortable satin finish. They have the same balmy feel so I would recommend lip liners. There is no scent and taste here as well. These lipsticks do not emphasize texture on the lips and last quite well.
Butterfly Ball (FLY) – To be honest, I was ready to pass this color on. I never wear pinks like this especially with that holo-iridescent shift. I find it usually looks horrendous on me. But I loved the dark lilac bullet when I held it and applied it to try for the first time. It is gorgeous. It’s a pink with turquoise micro-shimmer but in a iridescent, classy and delicate manner without making you look like you have weird lips. It is also, like all Poppy’s lipsticks, very moisturizing and makes your lips look plump and lush

I would highly recommend you check them out for yourself. They are definitely worth it.